The High Republic Adventures Issue 5 Review

The junk Moon, Quantxi, becomes a battlefield between the few Jedi and the Nihil as Zeen and Krix finally come face-to-face for the first time since they separated on Trymant.

Daniel José Older brings the first arc of his ‘High Republic Adventures’ to an exciting end as ‘The High Republic’ prepares to enter its second wave.

After Krix shoots down Zeen’s ship, Zeen tries to talk to him but in the end, her feelings of betrayal lead her to use the Force in a dark way.

After locating Krix’s communicator, Lula makes her way to her friend, luckily in time to stop Zeen from using the Dark Side and killing her former friend before he escapes with Marchion Ro.

Meanwhile, Farzala and Qort team up with Masters Sy and Buckets of Blood as Yoda talks with Elder Tromak.

Yoda agrees to go on a mission alone with Tromak to retrieve and artefact that Marchion Ronis trying to find whilst Sy and Buck(ets of Blood) join with Zeen and Lula, trying to stop the Nihil ship from escaping but are unable to when a larger ship latches on and jumps to hyperspace.

At the end, Marchion Ro asks Krix to join The Nihil whilst Lula and Master Sy ask Zeen to join them on Starlight Beacon so that she can learn to control her powers and use them for good.

As the conclusion to a story arc, some of the issue fell flat for me. I was hoping for more from the Zeen/Krix reunion, a bit more back and forth about Zeen’s powers and Krix’s choice to stay with The Nihil. Justifiably he runs away after blowing her ship from the sky, causing it to crash, so I can understand not wanting to talk too much, but this was something that the arc had been building towards pretty heavily. Whilst her use of the Dark Side was pretty alarming, especially from someone who has been so intrinsically good. Of course Lula is on hand to calm her friend down and the fact that it is Lula’s presence that calms her rather than Krix’s pleas for mercy.

The mystery of Yoda’s new adventure is intriguing. Not only do we get a hint at more of Yoda’s past when Elder Tromak mentions the planet Dalna, the mention of it switches Yoda’s side of the conversation completely from not interested to very interested. I wonder if that is something Older will explore in the future. Of course the bigger mystery now is what’s happened to the old Jedi Master and Tromak when their ship was seemingly destroyed above Vrant Tarnum where Marchion Ro has recovered an artefact and decides to leave Krix in charge of a Nihil base.

Whilst the events of this run don’t impact greatly on the rest of ‘The High Republic’ storytelling, going forward it feels like all of the different areas will be coming together a lot more, but having these past five issues to really get to know Zeen, Lula, Farzala, Qort and Krix, as well as the rest of the characters allows us a chance to care for these characters and maybe follow their adventures in other mediums.

Older has guided us through this first arc, allowing us to get to know them all before we find out where they are all headed as we enter wave two of ‘The High Republic’ (and I may already know some stuff after reading a certain book recently but no spoilers).

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