#CollectionCorner – Chopper (C1-10P) Black Series Figure Review

Whilst Hasbro have had a hit-and-miss success rate of getting figures to look like their on-screen counterparts (just look at every Poe Dameron figure ever), Droids, Troopers, masked characters have always looked amazing

This is Chopper’s second ‘Black Series’ release, and this is a repack of the first, with the same accessories and base that came before, to me that’s not a problem as I had only just started collecting ‘Black Series’ when this version came out. Had I already got the original I think I would have still bought this one to have the Ghost Crew on display in the same packaging.

The detail on this cantankerous Droid is superb. Every dent, rivet and burn are there on full, glorious display.

Taking the design cues from the life size model that was used in ‘Rebels Recon’ and later ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, this Chopper figure looks exactly like the real Astromech Droid. The paint work and choice of colours really bring him to life in a realistic way, the orange isn’t over the top and more muted than the animated version and the weathering effects really show how much this little guy has been through.

The accessories really make up the cost, which would seem rather steep if all we got was the figure itself. Chopper comes with a spare leg, which is taken from the Season 2 episode ‘The Forgotten Droid’. He also comes with a detachable middle wheel that slots into the rocket in the middle of the body.

He also comes with a rocket boost effect which is part of a base that can be used to display the figure. It’s a fun addition which could really make the figure stand out in the shelf when it could so easily get missed without it.

The box art shows Chopper in all his glory, rocket on full blast and his grabber arms stick out of his “head”. It’s a bit of a let down that the arms don’t come as add-on accessories but it’s not a deal breaker. I love how the artist has added a pair of Purgil in the background, it’s a nice little detail that’s a nice nod the the fans of the series.

A really nice looking figure, which comes with enough accessories to make you forget that you’re paying full price for a half-sized figure.

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