#CollectionCorner – Hera Syndulla Black Series Figure Review

Whilst you could say that making a life-like figure based on an animated character could be hard to do, an easier thing would be to translate an animated alien character to a life-like action figure.

A “life-like” Hera Syndulla has been done before. This is her second outing as a Black Series figure, we have also seen her depicted on the cover of John Jackson Miller’s ‘A New Dawn’ and more recently in ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ and each one has looked decidedly different, each one a different interpretation of the character, and Regis new ‘Black Series’ figure is no different.

Like the Kanan figure, Hera is wearing her Season 1/2 gear (the only real change in her outfit is her rank insignia), which is her brown and grey top with Orange flight suit and white straps. The whole outfit is well detailed, the wrinkles and folds in the flight suit looks brilliant and having the straps be separate and not just painted on is an added level of detail, the likes of which I have come to absolutely love ‘The Black Series’ figures for.

The face sculpt is gorgeous, the designer has really captured Hera’s soft features from the cartoon but also given her a look of determination that the character shows throughout the series. The shade of green used for her skin is a perfect tone that feels natural and yet alien all at the same time.

Her headgear, with the flight cap and goggles looks good and well detailed again and the details on her lekku are so well done (can’t see them in the picture unfortunately).

In terms of accessories, she’s a bit light. She comes with a small blaster which, whilst screen accurate, feels a bit of a let down in terms of items to display her with. I’m not saying I want a full cockpit diorama but the single tiny blaster (that fits into her ankle holster) feels a bit lacking. Could have at least given her a Meiloorun fruit as well.

The box art, as absolutely stunning as it is, feels a bit off for me. The art and the figure don’t share the same look, the figure, as I stated earlier, shows Hera’s soft features but the art makes her look harsher, with more angular features that don’t really match up with her animated counterpart.

It’s another solid and great looking figure from Hasbro. Whilst lacking in accessories it’s still a great piece to display, especially alongside the rest of The Ghost Crew.

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