The High Republic Adventures Issue 4 Review

Jedi and Nihil forces clash as Marchion Ro uses Krix to contact Zeen, who takes a Jedi ship and goes to meet her friend, Lula, Farzala and Qort take one last Jedi Vector and follow their new companion.

With another stellar issue of ‘High Republic Adventures’, Daniel José Older continues to bring us an amazing series that is a wonderful accompaniment to the rest of ‘The High Republic’ initiative.

Zeen and Lula meditate on the Republic Outpost above Ord Mantell when the base is put on alert and the Jedi Knights and Masters take to their starfighters to thwart a Nihil attack.

Meanwhile on The Junk Moon of Quantxi, Marchion Ro prepares for the next part of his plan, but a pair of locals try to get on the way. Ro sends Krix to stop on of them from sending a distress call, the boy chases the creature down but is too late to stop it from sending a distress call, but during the chase, he does send Zeen a message, asking her to meet him on the Moon.

As the Jedi wipe out The Nihil forces, Lula, Qort and Farzala look for Zeen who has left them a message of her own, telling them about Krix’s attempt to get in touch and that she is going to meet him. The three friends, along with Cham-Cham get into a Jedi Vector (which looks very cramped) and follows Zeen.

The Jedi forces have also picked up the distress call and are on their way to Quantxi to face what Nihil forces are there.

Oh, it’s all very, very exciting and I am loving every panel in this issue. Seeing the Jedi in action in starfighters was something that had been done so well in ‘Light of the Jedi’ that I didn’t even consider getting it in comics but wow. I really liked how the focus was on the few Jedi we have already met and we didn’t get bogged down with so many new names and faces in so short a time. I never thought I’d be so excited to see Yoda in a space battle. To be fair, I never thought I’d ever see Yoda in a space battle.

The growing companionship between Lula and Zeen is great, rather than a Jedi Master taking Zeen under their wing, Lula has taken it in herself to essentially train her friend, even though it’s supposedly forbidden for someone as old as Zeen to learn the Jedi way. I think that the Masters are turning a blind eye so that one day when she’s a bit older, Zeen will be taken on as a Padawan. Although her close relationship with Krix could put a hole in that theory, it could lead to another Anakin Skywalker situation where her attachments lead her towards the Dark Side, but who knows right now.

I’m loving how much Marchion Ro we are getting in this series, and how he’s manipulating Krix. Ro is fast becoming a classic villain and seeing him in this run as well as the novels is giving the audience a chance to see multiple sides to the Nihil leader and the lengths he is willing to go to.

Older and his team are putting out a consistently great series so far, and whilst the IDW series is aimed at a younger audience than the Marvel series, I honestly can’t tell a difference in tone, whilst Older injects a bit more humour than Cavan Scott, he doesn’t over-do it which manages to keep the series grounded.

And seriously, did no one think to check the timer on Buckets of Blood’s pastries? Careless!

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