#CollectionCorner – Kanan Jarrus Black Series Figure Review

When I decided that ‘The Black Series’ figures were something I was going to get into, I spent some time figuring out where to start other than a Rey and Kylo from each of the Sequel Trilogy as well as a Han Solo from ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ and a the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker from ‘The Last Jedi’, both of which I found for a decent price.

And then Hasbro announced the new packaging and, for the first time, the whole of the Ghost Crew from ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ as well as Ahsoka. Well, as a huge ‘Rebels’ fan this felt like a no-brainer. And rather than pick them up one-by-one I was going to buy the whole wave in one go. I just had to discuss the price-tag with my wife. All it cost me, other than said price-tag it cost me a nice lunch out (at my place of work). At the table I ordered them and a week later they arrived and now, nine months later I’m finally writing about them, starting with everyone’s favourite cowboy Jedi, Spectre One himself, Kanan Jarrus.

Dressed in his Season One/Two gear, this animated character translates brilliantly into a live-action style. The detailing on the clothes mirrors the animated details but recreate them in a realistic style, the straps and buckles on his armour, as well as the armour itself looks brilliant and give the figure a battle ready look.

The lightsaber is perfectly detailed as well as his signature blaster which would fit into the holster if I ever opened the package.

The face sculpt looks great, again, they have managed to give this animated character a great realistic look, they could have gone down the route of sculpting him to look like Freddie Prinze Jr but have opted to give him an original look.

The box art perfectly represents the look of the figure and the character. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to translate a stylised cartoon character to real life and think the artist has done a phenomenal job. Again, they could have taken the easy route and just drawn Freddie Prinze Jr as the character but the more original look feels truer to the character to me.

It’s a great figure overall and a very welcome addition to the collection, and maybe in the future, perhaps we could get a Season Three/Four version with the mask and an interchangeable head to show him in his ‘Jedi Night’ appearance (short hair and no beard).

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