My Top Star Wars Moments 12

After finding out how to locate Moff Gideon’s Light Cruiser thanks to Mayfeld, Mando sends a message to Gideon that is WORD FOR WORD what Gideon said to Mando, Cara an Greef when he was first introduced (and another of My Top Star Wars Moments).

As soon as the holo appears, we all knew that $#%^ was on! As Mando repeats the Moff’s words, it became increasingly obvious that Gideon is afraid of our hero. Whilst Gideon spoke matter-of-factly, making his demands clear, Mando is straight up threatening the Imperial leader.

We know how much Grogu means to Mando, Ahsoka tell him that Grogu sees him as his father and Mando’s affection for The Child has grown over the course of the series, and this moment really cements that those feelings to Gideon who affectively begins to plan his side of the coming battle.

Whilst threatening, it’s a very touching moment and one that came as a surprise to many. Brilliantly executed across the board by the cast, especially Giancarlo Esposito who doesn’t speak but reacts so perfectly.

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