The High Republic: There is No Fear Part 5 Review

Just when I didn’t think last month’s issue could be topped, Cavan Scott and his team absolutely smash it it with this issue.

With the Drengir attacking The Starlight Beacon and The Hutt Cartel attacking the Jedi on Sedri Minor, it all looks a bit hopeless for the Jedi. But when the Drengir attack the Hutts, a tedious alliance is formed but the Jedi and Hutt team-up still isn’t enough to fight back the deadly plants.

It’s a more personal battle going on between Sskeer and Keeve that, in true Star Wars fashion, is the true battle that everything hinges on. Keeve does her best to get through to her Master, she n a moment of clarity he confesses that his connection to the Force was diminished, leading to his problems through the past few issues. He hatches a plan, for Keeve to enter his mind, which is now connected to the Drengir, using the Force to convince the creatures to retreat.

Keeve does so, saving the Jedi and Hutts on Sedri Minor and those on The Starlight Beacon, including Imri, Vernestra Rwoh’s Padawan. However the attempt does come at a price, with Ssker dead in Keeve’s arms.

Just wow! That’s all I can really say.

Ever since Cavan Scott teased the death of a “beloved” character and then the solicitations for this month came out and we saw this cover I think we all knew what was going to happen, but I had no idea how phenomenal.

Seeing the end of Sskeer’s journey here, in the aftermath of The Great Disaster and the battle against The Nihil followed by his possession by The Drengir and his seeming descent to the Dark Side really gave him a great arc through all of ‘The High Republic’. He also gives us a look at something we have only seen once before, and recently in ‘Into the Dark’, which is a Jedi’s diminishing connection to the Force and part of me is wondering if it’s got anything to do with The Drengir.

Granted, Sskeer claims that his Force connection had been fading for a while but it seems very coincidental that both Sskeer and Dez Rydan who had been in contact with The Drengir who are strongly connected to the Dark Side and I hope that this is something that plays out throughout ‘The High Republic’.

Getting to see The Hutt Cartel in action for the first time, and in a time where they are essentially free to do what they wish without the confines of The Republic or The Empire, with Rancor Riders and lackeys of various species laying waste to anyone in their way and to top it off, the Jedi holding their own against an army of criminals. I never thought it was something I wanted to see but damn I loved it.

The highlight for me is the Sskeer/Keeve fight. It’s the kind of fight that that Star Wars does the best, the emotional battle, this one, for the soul of Sskeer as Keeve tries her best to get through to her former Master, to bring him back from the influence of The Drengir. As great as the new characters have been through ‘The High Republic’, Sskeer has been the one who, in my opinion, has had the best character arc throughout the initiative so far. However, this is mostly due to the fact that he’s had a considerable amount of coverage throughout, but it has been and incredibly interesting journey to go on, especially since he was one of the first Jedi we saw in the promotional art who fans gravitated towards for being a Trandoshan Jedi.

I am very interested is seeing what happens with Keeve going forward, I imagine she will be wracked with guilt after seemingly killing her Master to save people from The Drengir and that could be a hugely interesting story to follow moving forward.

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