The High Republic Adventures Issue 3 Review

In a change of pace from the previous issues, Older gives us a look at the aftermath of the attack on Bralanak City as Zeen and Krix start on their new paths.

We learn that Zeen and Krix have been communicating with each other using the Com-Links that Yoda gave them in the previous issue.

Krix and Elder Tromak are taken by The Nihil to a fighting pit. Tromak must ride a beast called a Bogaranth whilst Krix leads it, the fight is called off by Marchion Ro who has found Krix’s communicator and it has a direct link to the Jedi.

Krix proclaims his innocence, saying that it belongs to Tromak who is sentenced to death, by becoming a snack for the Bogaranth and Krix is taken to Ro’s chambers.

Marchion knows that it was Krix’s and is impressed that the boy would so easily betray the man who was like a father to him to save his own neck. The problem is, however, that the Com-Link also contained a Transponder that could lead the Jedi straight to The Nihil. Ro tells Krix that this is a betrayal by his friend. The only way Krix can redeem himself is to allow the Jedi to come to them and wipe them out, with Krix’s help in luring them to their doom.

Meanwhile, on Starlight Beacon, Zeen’s experience is completely different. She is welcomed by the Jedi, especially Lula who has fast become her friend. The Masters all seem to have become quite taken with her, and even though she cannot join the Jedi Order because of her age, I get the feeling that, given her popularity with all of them, she will have a place on Starlight Beacon no matter what.

Whilst the Masters agree that, until her home has recovered from the attack by The Nihil, Zeen can stay aboard the Beacon, and her relationship with Krix and the now devoured Tromak could be useful. Something Yoda has already considered. Zeen is then asked to help the Jedi track down The Nihil using her communicator to keep in contact with Krix so the Jedi can help save the boy and stop The Nihil.

It’s no surprise that the two leads have very different experiences with the Jedi and The Nihil but Older uses them to show us life in each of the camps, which isn’t new for readers of ‘The High Republic’ series, but this is the first time we get to see inside a Nihil ship and it’s every bit as dark and dingy as I expected it to be.

We continue to see how vastly different the Jedi of ‘The High Republic’ are in comparison to those of the Prequels. We get Jedi Masters, Knights and Padawans all interacting in an incredibly light hearted social environment, Avar Kriss is having the time of her life listening to stories and good old Buckets of Blood just can’t stop eating. The most social interaction we saw the Prequel era Jedi have was in the lost Padawan arc of ‘The Clone Wars’ when the Padawans joined the travelling circus to save Ahsoka from Hondo. The more we see of these differences, the more I want to see how and why the Order changes and becomes what we have become so used to seeing on screen.

After a couple of fast paced issues, getting a bit of a breather to set up the next part of the story was much needed and the insight we get into both the Jedi and The Nihil really helps put into perspective how vastly different the two groups are, we’re not talking Force Users on two sides of the Force like we’ve had throughout the franchise, this continues to feel new and fresh and it’s just making me look forward to more content from ‘The High Republic’ even more.

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