A Spot of Housekeeping

Hello there!

I’m just taking a moment to just keep everyone updated with some of the recent goings on in the world of ‘My Star Wars Life Debt’, especially with some new ways to support the Blog and Podcast.

Last week I bit the bullet and re-released the Life Debt Patreon last week with three brand new tiers and bonus content, including a brand new Podcast series (as of right now it’s unnamed) which will be similar to “Rebels Revisited’ and ‘Bad Batching’ where the focus will be (drumroll please) the 1985-6 Ewoks animated series. There are three tiers for folks to choose from, so head on over to https://www.patreon.com/mystarwarslifedebt and check it out.

I have also been working on bringing ‘The Life Debt Merch Cantina’ back, as such, I have added a brand new design to go with the original Andy Bailie artwork which is the brand new logo for ‘The Life Debt Podcast: Bad Batching’ which is now available on the store. Head on over to https://thelifedebtmerchcantina.creator-spring.com/ to see the products currently on offer.

All of these and the other ways to help support the Blog and Podcast are all on the Support Page. So if you would like to help keep the Blog and Podcast running as smoothly as a Hutt’s backside then please take a look.

Before I go, I just want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read the Blog and listen to the Podcast, every view and listen means a whole lot to me, so thank you again.

Thank you for visiting My Star Wars Life Debt.

If you have enjoyed this blog/podcast, please like/share/comment/follow.

If you would like to support ‘My Star Wars Life Debt’ please visit the SUPPORT PAGE to see how or head on over to the new PATREON PAGE.

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