War of the Bounty Hunters: Alpha

Marvel’s big Star Wars Crossover Event has arrived folks, and with a Charles Soule sized bang that means only one thing. It’s f@&#%*g amazing.

Boba Fett is bringing the Carbon-Frozen Han Solo to Jabba’s the Hutt but something is going wrong with the Crime Lords soon-to-be favourite decoration, leading Boba to Nar Shaddaa to visit an associate who calls himself a Doctor but he doesn’t have any of those Med-School certificates so I’m dubious of his moniker.

Needing to be paid up-front, Boba is enlisted to do a favour for Doc Ragon, Boba must enlist in the Fighting Pits and take out the Pit Warrior Wyrmin Lictor. Boba initially wants to walk away, but after the good Doctor manages to modify the look of Fett’s armour, the Bounty Hunter agrees to the terms.

Using the name Jango, Fett quickly makes a name for himself, killing all of his opponents until he faces off against Lictor in a spectacular fight which sees Boba injured before getting the upper hand.

Lictor’s benefactors approach Boba, demanding money or he does one more fight. Fett walks away ambit finds that Ragon has been killed and Solo has been taken, only to get a call from Bob Fortuna, saying that Jabba’s is getting impatient for the arrival of Fett’s prize.

Soule uses ‘Alpha’ to set the whole premise of ‘War of the Bounty Hunters’ up, and rather than just throwing a whole bunch of pieces into the story to set up each story thread over all of the connected comics in the Event, we just get one action-packed tale that leaves us with the mystery of who’s taken Solo and what is the biggest, baddest Bounty Hunter going to do about it.

Taking cues from 1996’s massive multimedia event ‘Shadows of the Empire’, telling the story of Boba Fett delivering Han to Jabba, it’s not going to be straightforward. And adding on the pressure of an impatient Hutt Crime Lord, Fett’s job has just gotten a lot harder.

With very little knowledge, other than the full list of issues that are part of the even being included at the end of the book as to who will be involved outside of the regular books we can look forward to seeing some of the classic Bounty Hunters appearing and I do wonder if we’ll get an appearance from Fennic Shand as a precursor to the eventual team-up between Fett and Shand in ‘The Mandalorian’.

With Soule at the helm, of course the story will be top-notch, but the art team of McNiven and Martin do a phenomenal job, especially with the black armour, keeping the iconic Boba Fett look but making it look completely different at the same time.

With 33 issues left of the Event, ‘Alpha’, is only the tip of the iceberg and I’m looking forward to where it takes everyone in all of the connected stories.

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