Doctor Aphra: The Engine Job Part 3

On their search for a Nihil Hyperdrive Engine, Aphra and Sana come across a whole bunch of old Nihil ships, and of course, trouble.

I’m not going to lie to you folks, but I’ve been really looking forward to this issue but had to wait to get it but was it worth the wait? Absolutely.

Aphra and Sana look for clues in a bar on the planet Dol’har Hyde, a place where the plant life seems to almost have a mind of its own and grows exceptionally fast. Close to the bar is a tree which has grown around/through a crashed Nihil ship.

Aphra and Sana make their way into the wreckage, with Aphra’s gear malfunctioning causing her to fall into a part of the ship, luckily her landing was cushioned by the tree.

Once inside the ship, they try to reactivate the systems, something Aphra manages to do and they locate the ships hyperdrive and deduce that the one they their competitors have could be a fake. As they are about to remove the hyperdrive they are attacked from above by General Vukorah of ‘The Unbroken Clan’.

Amidst the destruction, Aphra downloads the schematics for the Nihil hyperdrive before her and Sana take a chance and jump into the inside of the tree but their grappling hook launcher doesn’t catch onto anything causing them to fall. Vukorah tells her group to go to Midarr, where the bartender told them the hyperdrive was.

Meanwhile, Lucky finishes an assassination and on his way home he is met by Ariole Yu who takes him to his boss, Wen Delphis.

Like I said before, I’ve missed this series. It’s been the one series other than ‘The High Republic’ that I’ve enjoyed every issue of and this one is no exception, and not just because of its connection to ‘The High Republic’ in this run.

The continued interactions between Aphra and Sana are great, something I’m really invested in, especially after the ‘Doctor Aphra Audio Drama’ that really dived into their relationship before Aphra became the rogue archaeologist. We get some really nice hints at that in this issue which just helps tie all of these different mediums together.

We meet a new enemy for Aphra in General Vukorah. Other than working for a newly introduced crime organisation we know very little about her and I’m intrigued to find out more.

My only nitpick for the issue is the reliance of characters falling. I get that having Aphra’s gear failing is a plot device that plays out at the end, but it just felt a tad repetitive. However I’m sure that it will play out brilliantly next issue.

The design ofthe planet Dol’har Hyde is great, it looks like an out of control Felucia and the colour palette makes it look gorgeous. I’m intrigued by the name though, it reminds me of the character Francis Dolarhyde from ‘Red Dragon’, which makes me wonder if it’s a reference to the character from the book or film.

A well written and beautifully depicted issue, it’s keeping me interested which has been tough to do in a couple of the other series I’ve been reviewing recently, and Aphra continues to be my favourite of the original characters created since the old EU became Legends.

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