#CollectionCorner – The Armourer Black Series Review

This was a lucky purchase at the time, I found it in the aftermath of Christmas on Amazon and got lucky when I found it for a pretty good deal (just under £20 including postage). I had been eyeing her up for some time, especially after missing out on the Convention Exclusive version, which, when looking back, whilst having some lovely extra accessories, wouldn’t have looked great on the wall.

The sculpt is just beautiful and the level of detail on the figure is amazing. I absolutely love how this figure looks, with the leather-style look of her gauntlets and the layered design of the skirt (is it a skirt).

The helmet sculpt is so well made, the helmet on this figure reminds me heavily of the Spartan helmets seen in the film and graphic novel ‘300’, if you took away the visor and horns it would be almost a match. The horns are subtle, like in the series, and unlike those on the ‘Mandalorian Super Commando’ figure based on Maul’s Mandalorian followers from ‘The Clone Wars’ who have huge horns on their helmets.

The big difference between this and the Convention Exclusive is the cape, the exclusive has a fabric cape whereas the regular version has a plastic cape.

Her accessories are a set of tongs and a hammer which she uses to help forge armour. They are also the same items she uses against the Stormtroopers that invade the Covert in ‘Chapter 8: Redemption’.

The box art is beautiful. I love the orange hue that ‘The Mandalorian’ figures have. The pencil look is phenomenal and we get her in a very chilled pose with the hammer over her shoulder. It’s definitely the most relaxed we ever see the character.

This is one great figure and it fantastically represents the character and well worth adding to any collection.

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