Star Wars: Operation Starlight Part 4

With the Rebel Fleet still in tatters, Leia and Kes share a moment of quiet to swap stories about their respective partners.

Soule slows the action down for a rare quiet moment which, after the past three issues is a needed chance to pause and have some character beats that don’t revolve around the action.

Kes shares the story of how he first met Shara after he made a bet on her ship in a race. After she wins he decides to meet the racer who won him quite a bit of money. He takes her for a drink and, years later they’re married, have a son and fighting to free the Galaxy from the Emperor’s hold.

Leia recounts a story about Han on Hoth before the Revels were discovered by the Empire. A reactor, linked to the heat supply for the Hoth base is about to explode. All of the Rebels are on the various ships keeping warm. Han and Chewie hava a part that could help and the two of them go to fix the reactor. In true Han and Chewie fashion, the repair job goes a bit awry, leading Han to tell the fleet to evacuate the base. Leia, on the Falcon waits outside the base, and after a few minutes Han and Chewie get in touch, the reactor patched up but needing the Techs to fix it up.

As the two talk, we learn more about why Leia has fallen in love with Han. Not because he’s a scoundrel or a smuggler, but because, deep down he’s one of them, an everyman who has become a hero of the Rebellion and won the hearts of the Rebels, and her.

Their conversation is interrupted, Shara Bey has got in contact. She speaks to Kes, telling him she has found a safe place to hide and has sliced into the Imperial network, Leia then speaks to her, asking her what she knows.

Taking a break from the action was what this arc needed and it gives us some great backstory for Han and Leia, and more of a reason for Leia’s feelings for Han, and answers the age old question, what Leia sees in him, which if we’re being honest, we’ve all wondered about at some point or other. Also, giving Leia a quiet moment in the story is something we’ve not really seen, in any medium, and that brief scene in ‘The Last Jedi’ when The Raddus comes out of Hyperspace barely counts (you know I’m right).

I really enjoyed getting some backstory on Kes and Shara, and rather than having them meet and fall in love during as part of the Rebellion, instead it’s pure chance, had Bey lost the race then would Kes have bothered to meet her? I doubt it, especially as he’s betting away his last seven Credits. It’s not fate, destiny or whatever you may call it, just pure chance which is a welcome break in a franchise full of destiny.

What was also pretty good was that we got some new Han Solo content, even when he’s frozen in Carbonite we are still able to get some new stories about our favourite smuggler this side of Mos Eisley. It’s a decent way of keeping him in the series without relying on memory flashes which we also get in this issue. Spike writes great Han and Chewie interaction, so it’s a bit unfortunate that his run on the series is without Han, maybe, just maybe, we could get a Canon version of Dash Rendar popping up later in the series.

A refreshing change of pace which cleanses the palette ready for this arc to ramp up, whether or not they will rescue Shara before the upcoming Boba Fett cross over event or she’ll be stuck on Tarkin’s Will for a bit longer, I’m starting to look forward to this run again after the last few issues felt a bit tedious.

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