The High Republic Adventures Issue 2 Review

The Nihil attack on Bralanak City escalates as the Jedi face overwhelming odds and the disdain of the locals.

Daniel José Older’s inaugural contribution to ‘The High Republic’ initiative continues with an action filled issue.

Lula, Farzala, Qort and their new companion Zeen must fight off the Nihil who are in league with the Force User-hating cult who populate the city. They are backed up by other Padawan’s as well as Masters Yoda and Buck, whose nickname is revealed to be “Buckets of Blood”, because he is a Jedi Healer, not because he’s some sort of mass murderer in a Jedi Robe. Although… fanfic alert!

We learn that Marchion Ro is leading the Nihil attack, and his ruthlessness shows no bounds here, going as far as threatening to leave Zeen’s former friend Krix who, as any normal child would, feels conflicted between the hatred of the Force that his people preach and his loyalty to his friend. During the escape, Ro almost destroys a Republic Medical Frigate during the Nihil’s escape.

With Zeen stranded, but her Force abilities being quite powerful, Yoda agrees that she should join the Jedi on their way to the Starlight Beacon.

I am really enjoying Older’s series. Two issues in and I am really engrossed, the characters are great fun, seeing this era from a different perspective and a new way of seeing Jedi Padawans, going off around the Galaxy with Yoda and Buck, my question however is, are they all Yoda’s apprentices? Are they you Jedi waiting to be taken on by a Master? I’m sure the answer will become clear at some point, so I won’t bother Older on Twitter just yet.

Yoda shows his age in this issue, being around 700 years old he definitely seems more sprightly, going off to try and rescue Krix from Marchion Ro, almost convincing the boy to go with them instead of The Nihil and taking on some of the pirates (with the help of Zeen’s pet bat Cham who full on eats parts of a Nihil). Yoda’s trademark sense of humour is also on show, the Jedi Master really comes across more favourable in this era, obviously, as the Jedi Order changed his outlook changed too, maybe it was his age as well, at 860(ish) in ‘The Phantom Menace’, his views of the Galaxy and how it has changed could have effected him.

One thing I did find interesting, Lula insists on Zeen joining the Jedi because of her abilities, which is understandable. However, Zeen is obviously in her teenage years, older than Anakin was in ‘The Phantom Menace’, and Yoda accepts her to join the mission. I know that this isn’t exactly a sign that Zeen is allowed to join the Order, but, it seems to indicate that the Jedi are willing to take on new members who are older. Maybe they prefer to take younger children in, but don’t outright deny others with abilities. Perhaps with the Republic expanding, as new worlds are discovered then the Jedi are opening their doors to train Force Users of any age from the outlying worlds of the frontier?

Maybe we will learn through this series why the Jedi become stricter on the age of children becoming part of the Order? Could Zeen be the reason? So… many… questions…

I really enjoyed this issue. I’m loving the writing and the art. Seeing a group of Jedi in battle is amazing and great fun and well worth a read.

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