The High Republic: There is No Fear Part 3

As Keeve Trennis investigates a sink hole with a local boy, Marshal Avar Kriss must deal with Terec, who is acting strangely and Master Sskeer who’s recent odd behaviour has been noticed by Kriss and other Jedi.

Cavan Scott and the crew have brought us another great issue of ‘The High Republic’ ongoing series.

The Jedi face hostility and friendship from the locals of Sedri Minor, with Keeve investigating the disappearance of Ceret and a local boy whose parents are desperately searching for him. She is joined by a young boy, Bartol and the two of them discover a sinkhole.

They go into the underground cavern filled with strange vines. Held up against the wall in the same vibe are Ceret and the missing child, Julus. Keeve cuts them down, Julus is dead but Ceret is still alive and Keeve removes a strange parasite from him, a moment later they are attacked by the creatures responsible for the problems on the planet, the plantlike Drengir.

On the ship, Sskeer has been left with Terec who begins to act posessed, causing Sskeer to break down in despair at his inability to help.

In the cavern, Keeve, Bartol and Ceret are saved by Avar Kriss who cuts the attacking Drengir in two, but the two halves each become a new adversary, which is the least of their problems when a possessed Sskeer arrives under the control of the Drengir.

The horror vibes are strong with this issue, starting with Keeve in the field, it’s almost out of Stephen King and Joe Hill’s ‘In the Tall Grass’ and followed with Keeve and Bartol in the underground cavern finding their friends stuck to the wall in a moment reminiscent of ‘Aliens’. That’s not all though, Scott gives us some really creepy moments with the twins as they go through their possession moments and the parasite that Sskeer finds is a reference to ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’.

Sskeer’s descent into madness (or the Dark Side) is being noticed by the Jedi now and I think it’ll have been too late, now that he’s been possessed by the Drengir, and that ominous looking cover for Issue 5, which of course could be complete misdirection. I’ve not yet read ‘Into the Dark’ which also features The Drengir, so I’m not completely clued up to how they operate (hopefully I will be caught up by the time Issue 4 comes out).

In terms of the Jedi, we really get two amazing representations on how the Jedi are during this era in Avar Kriss and Keeve Trennis. Keeve is the kind of person that people gravitate to, as we have seen in this issue with Bartol and in Issue 1 with Kanrii. I think it’s safe to assume that Keeve is going to be the one me who connects with people on her adventures, using her empathic nature to best figure out problems and hopefully get through to Sskeer and bring him back.

I found it interesting that back on the Starlight Beacon, that Jedi Master Maru was part of a team that are performing an autopsy on the murdered Hutt from the last issue. I’d never considered the Jedi would personally perform autopsies, however they may have stopped doing so by the time of ‘The Phantom Menace’, or maybe on a rare occasions it was considered “Jedi business”.

Only three issues in and next to ‘Doctor Aphra’ this is one of my most anticipated comics each month. Everything about it is fantastic month-to-month and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

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