The High Republic Adventures Issue 1 – Collision Course



This is the first issue of any of the IDW Star Wars comics and if this is any indication of the quality of the main series then I’ve got a lot of reading to do because it’s good!

The highly anticipated first issue of Older’s series does not disappoint (except for the lack of Sskeer) and introduces us to a whole range of new Padawan Learners who are under the tutelage of Masters Yoda and Torban Buck as they are called to the planet Trymant IV to protect its capital city from destruction as an Emergence of wreckage from the Legacy Run disaster occurs in the system.

On the planet, the Padawans try to help the people evacuate but the only ship big enough is a Spider Cruiser that belongs to The Nihil, who are protecting the leader of the city, whose population are fearful of and and have nothing but contempt for the Jedi and other Force Users.

One of the population, a young girl called Zeen, is a Force User and keeps her powers secret until a large piece of wreckage is about to crush her, her friend and the group of Padawans, she reaches out with the Force and stops the wreckage landing. With the help of the Jedi they save the people from the debris but in their distraction find that they are surrounded by The Nihil.

As I said before, we are introduced to a number of new characters. Firstly, Zeen, who has spent her life hiding her growing connection to Force from those around her, including her best friend Krix, who, when Zeen reveals her powers turns on her in a horrific manner. Luckily she is in the company of Jedi and will be able to join them.

Speaking of the Jedi, there are quite a few Padawans in Yoda’s care, but there are three that the book focus’ on, Lula Talisola, a human female who is the second main protagonist along with Zeen. Lula is intelligent and skilled but unsure of herself and how she will perform in the field. Her two friends, Qort and Farzala are her backup and seem very confident with following Lula’s lead, showing that they trust her judgment.

The writing is top notch and the art looks wonderful. The art team really managed to capture the terrifying nature of the Emergences, as these massive storms in space, for a comic that is geared towards a younger audience that looks scary (and I loved it). Just imagine if they ever showed one in live action.

A solid introduction to some great new characters. After initially being wary of Older helming a series after disliking his ‘Solo’ Tie-In novel ‘Last Shot’, needless to say my trepidation was unnecessary and all I can really say now is being on the next issue.

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