#CollectionCorner – The Mandalorian (Beskar Armour) Black Series Figure

What a beautiful figure! What amazing packaging! It’s so beautiful!

This was one of those additions to the collection that just made my day when it arrived from Star Action Figures (mere days after the influx that was the whole set of ‘Rebels’ figures).

The Black Series figures have always had a high level of detail, sometimes there are flops, just look at Krennic from the ‘Rogue One’ set, or any of the Poe Dameron figures, and it’s always easy to get a masked character spot on. But this figure looks amazing.

The little details really accentuate the greatness. The wrinkles and folds in the under-suit look well worn and the brown really highlights the silver of the beskar, which could look awful but the contrast really lets the silver shine.

The helmet is the same sculpt at the Triple Force Friday 2019 release with a shinier paint job and the two blasters are also the same, but everything else looks new (perhaps the belt and bandolier are the same too). The addition of the Jet Pack is nice, we essentially got a Season 2 version of the character before the show came out.

One detail that really makes me smile is the Mudhorn Signet on the pauldron. It’s a really, really nice touch and looks great.

The new packaging is amazing. The artwork on the side is stunning. The orange tone really gives the character a Western feel, and, when put together with others in the series (Mandalorian, Clone Wars, Revels, Return of the Jedi etc.) they make a great looking mural.

It’s a really great addition to my collection and an overall great figure.

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