Star Wars: The High Republic Issue 2 – There is No Fear Part 2



Sskeer, Keeve and the twins, Ceret and Terec have been sent to investigate a distress beacon.

When they arrive they sense a single survivor on the inactive ship. On board they realise the ship was attacked by The Nihil. The group splits up, Sskeer and Terec explore the ship looking for survivors whilst Keeve and Ceret go to the Flight Deck.

Sskeer and Terec are attacked and Terec is injured, the attacker, an injured member of The Nihil attacks Sskeer who easily defeats the pirate and proceeds to have flashbacks to the Battle of Kur where he lost his arm and savagely dismembers the dead body.

Keeve and Ceret arrive at the flight deck to find the corpse of a Hutt and a record of what was being transported, Vratixian Barley, a key component in the making of Bacta. After contacting Avar Kriss on Starlight Beacon, the Marshal brings a ship to the wreckage to meet Keeve and Ceret whilst Sskeer and Terec go to Sedri Minor where the crops originated.

Keeve shows Avar the dismembered Nihil and the two discuss Sskeer and how he’s been different since the events of ‘Light of the Jedi’.

Meanwhile, on Sedri Minor, whilst Sskeer is talking to one of the locals, Terec follows a Rodian into a field. Back on the ship, Cerec feels something terrible through the Force. Sskeer goes after his companion but only finds Terec’s lightsaber half-buried in the ground.

Scott, Anindito and co. have knocked it out of the park again. The character arc of Sskeer has me hooked already and given this fresh new era and a vastly different Jedi Order than we are used to, how they will deal with Sskeer going forward, and why, if they have already noticed his changing attitude why hasn’t anyone done anything to help him?

We have a new mystery to solve, the strange tentacle that seemingly grabbed Terec. From the looks of it, it could be the introduction of The Drengir, the strange plant-like creatures that, from what we have heard, will be properly introduced to in the upcoming ‘Into the Dark’ by Claudia Gray, and if it is The Drengir, then what are they doing on Sedri Minor and are they in league with The Hutts?

I loved to get a visual representation of the aftermath of a Nihil attack, the ruthlessness and savagery is fantastically depicted, and the dead Hutt is just the icing on the cake.

The cameo of Vernestra Rwoh is a nice touch, it just goes to show how much interconnectivity is going on in this Publishing Initiative, now I just need to get ‘Test of Courage’ when it comes out in the UK.

I’m definitely enjoying this series so far, the new characters, ships, locations and overall feel slots right in with ‘Light of the Jedi’, and once ‘Test of Courage’ and ‘Into the Dark’ are out it will be keeping ‘The High Republic’ going before the next books come out later this year. Now I only need to find a way to get ‘The High Republic Adventures’ digitally.

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