#CollectionCorner – Trouble on Tatooine Lego

After the struggle that was acquiring ‘The Razorcrest’ (for my wife anyway), I was cautious when going in for this one, mainly due to the shortage of Lego we’re seeing at the moment due to COVID.

But as I kept my eye on this set, waiting to have the necessary funds available I thought I was in luck, it was in stock everywhere. Not a problem. So when the funds became available I went straight to a the Lego Online Store… Back Order available… Will ship within 60 Days…

Amazon… no idea when it would be in stock.

It was time to go local, there are two toy stores near me, on has closed due to various COVID restrictions, not even offering Click and Collect (which is annoying as I have an order waiting to collect) but thank the maker that the other was open. And I snapped it up and picked it up, the clerk was wearing a Star Wars face mask too, which only added to the experience. Once I got it home and had time (wife and daughter asleep) I dove in.

The box contains three bags and the instructions, with no stickers the build would be pretty straightforward.

Bag 1 build the Speeder Mando borrows from Peli Moto in ‘Chapter 9: The Marshal’ and includes Mando and Grogu.

The Speeder Bike is well designed with some really great design elements. It’s a great looking take on a Speeder Bike which I have never seen before and it’s incredibly screen accurate. The way the two bags are placed at the back makes it easy to swap them out for Boba Fett’s armour to make it look like the end of the episode.

The Mando mini-fig has him in his Beskar armour and the detail is gorgeous. His pauldron also has the Mudhorn signet and his gauntlets have their gadgetry painted on too. The Grogu mini-fig is the same as we got in ‘The Razorcrest’ set and can slot into a little pouch like in the series.

The second bag gives us the Tusken Raider hit and campfire. The hut is a good build, with some nice detail and the campfire is a decent size to fit a few mini-figs on for display and play.

The Tusken Raider mini-fig is the same as we have had in previous Tatooine based sets in the last few years and comes with a buildable Gaderffii Stick like previous versions.

The giant crossbow weapon used in the Krayt Dragon attack is a really nice addition to the set. The screen accuracy is top-notch. Even the missile launcher that is out on display looks right at home. The winch at the back rotates for play.

Overall, this is a really good set and the price/piece ratio is brilliant, at £27.99 for 276 pieces is great. The mini-fig selection is good, it’s a great and affordable way for people to get the Grogu mini-fig without paying £120 and the new Beskar Mandalorian looks beautiful. The set is great for new builders and older builders and I highly recommend getting it, if you can, given the fact that Lego.con won’t be sending any more out until late February/March.

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