Darth Vader: Into The Fire Part 3

Continuing his punishment by Palpatine, Vader encounters The Eye of the Webbish Bog and finds the key to learning The Emperor’s grand plan.

Cut off from Ochi, Vader travels through treacherous terrain, guided by a mysterious voice as he battle creatures and visions until he encounters The Eye where he acquires the Wayfinder that Kylo Ren would find thirty-three years later. As he finds a ship (the Jedi Interceptor that took him to Mustafaar in ‘Revenge of the Sith’) to take him away from Mustafaar, Ochi returns with a squad of Assassin Droids.

An improvement on the previous issue, Ochi takes a bit of a back seat for a bit, I’m still not a fan of his portrayal in this book, but that’s more down to my interpretation of the character based on what little we saw of him in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’. I was anticipating more of a silent killer, like Javier Bardem’s Anton Chigurh in ‘No Country for Old Men’ than the talkative ‘Arkham Knight’ rip-off we’ve gotten so far.

Vader’s journey has him fighting the local fauna, firstly the large Flea-like creatures we saw the Mustafarrans in ‘Revenge of the Sith’ riding. Then he encounters a large beast which puts the Minotaur to shame. His visions of Obi-Wan and Luke give us the requisite flashbacks that have been a staple of this series.

The encounter with The Eye reveals that the baby head the weird spider-creature sits on has a body under the water, which is revealed when it hands Vader the Wayfinder.

Part of me expected more from this encounter, probably because I built it up on my head to be grander. Although I expect that Vader will return to converse with The Eye later on in this run, especially seeing as he has to place the Wayfinder in the chest for Kylo to find it.

I’m hoping the Ochi storyline will come to an end soon. We’re this character named anything else I wouldn’t mind but this is the danger of having a head-canon that doesn’t mesh with the story we are given. However, the issue doesn’t suffer for this in my opinion.

Whilst not the best issue of the run, I feel like this and the last issue are building towards something greater, now he has the Wayfinder, the logical theory is that Vader is going to Exogol, where Palpatine’s contingency plan would be well underway.

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