#CollectionCorner – The Mandalorian Lego Wishlist

With two seasons of ‘The Mandalorian’ under our collective belts, I can’t help but wonder if, next year, we’ll be seeing some new Lego sets based on the series.

At this point we’ve got four sets, the AT-ST Raider, The Razorcrest (or The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport), The Child Buildable Character and Trouble on Tatooine.

There are still plenty of opportunities for new sets, and even, because of the time line of the series, the chance to update some older sets.

One possible set from Season One that I have been dying to see is a Blurrg and Kuill set, slap a Scout Trooper and a Speederbike in with them and you have a ‘Chase on Nevarro’ set, and whilst they’re at it, throw in IG-11 and Grogu mini-figs for some added fun (and make a way of differentiating IG-11 and IG-88).

Season Two has given us a smorgasbord of potential sets, so I’m going to try and go through some ideas in Episode order to make it easier to follow.

The Marshal – Where was Cobb Vanth’s Pod Racer engine turned Speeder in the Trouble on Tatooine set? With a Vanth mini-fig. Add a buildable Bantha with a pair of Tusken Raider’s and the Weequay Bartender and you’ve got ‘Krayt Dragon Assault’. Or swap out the Bartender for the Hermit looking Boba Fett.

The Passenger – I don’t need much from this episode, just a Frog Lady mini-fig. However, similar to Aragog’s Lair from the Harry Potter Lego Theme, you could have a large buildable Krykna and some smaller ones with a bit of an Ice Cave build. Could be fun. Also, had this years X-Wing not come with Luke, Leia, R2 and Dodonna, just imagine getting Carson Teva and Trapper Wolf with their respective Astromechs.

The Heiress – A couple of options present themselves from this episode. Firstly, the boat that Mando and Grogu take where they are ambushed by the Quarren and then saved by Bo Katan, Koska Reeves and Axe Woves. With Mando and Grogu, add in a Quarren Pirate and one, two or all three of his Mandalorian saviours. Another option is the Gozanti Freighter. We’ve already seen this in the Imperial Assault Carrier set from the ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ theme but now it’s made its live action debut let’s get an updated version. Complete with the Imperial Commander played by Titus Welliver, a couple of Stormtroopers, Bo Katan and her followers.

The Siege – Come on, this one’s obvious. The Imperial Marauder Transport complete with Greef Karga, Mythrol, Cara Dune and a Scout Trooper. Throw in a Speeder Bike for the kids to have a play. It’ll be a decent upgrade on the Imperial Troop Transport Battle Pack that came out with ‘Rebels’ and could be a pretty solid set.

The Jedi – What could they do with this episode? Simple, Duel on Corvus. Like ‘Duel on Starkiller Base’ and ‘Duel on Mustafaar’, have Ahsoka vs. Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth. Just think how beautiful that zen garden look would be in Lego form. We’d also get a ‘Mandalorian’ style Ahsoka mini-fig and the Beskar Staff.

The Tragedy – Imperial Dropship! The predecessor to the First Order version that came out in 2015 with the initial wave of ‘The Force Awakens’ sets. Throw in a couple of Stormtroopers, a Dark Trooper perhaps and maybe, best of all, Boba Fett and Fennec Shand. Add a mini version of the Seeing Stone location with Grogu and we’d snap it up in a heart beat.

The Believer – Well, the best we would get, and I admit it would be pretty cool, the Imperial Transport Vehicle, complete with Mando and Mayfeld in their disguises, but we don’t get Din Djarin’s face. Oh no, that’s reserved for something else I have in mind. We’d also get a pair of the Pirates who are trying to blow the Rhydonium up. Hell, give us a Valin Hess mini-fig too.

The Rescue – This is the set that we go all out for. Moff Gideon’s Light Cruiser. I’m talking the same size as the ‘First Order Star Destroyer’ from ‘The Last Jedi’. Moff Gideon, Dark Trooper x 2, Bo Katan, Cara Dune, Grogu and an exclusive Din Djarin, with a face. And you know what? Luke Skywalker as well. Just as the cherry on top.

Honourable Mention – Slave 1. Boba Fett, Fennec Shand, Mando, Cara Dune, Mayfeld. But… why release it now, it was only 2019 when we got the 20th Anniversary version. I say wait for 2022 to cash in on ‘The Book of Boba Fett’.

Now, I don’t expect any of these to grace the shelves of the nearest Lego Store, it’s just a bit of fun, but I do think that Lego have been lacking in terms of sets from the series and with a wide range of options, surely it’s time for Lego to cash in?

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