Star Wars: Operation Starlight Part 1

Kes Dameron and the Path Finders are sent on a mission to locate an ancient translator Droid for the Rebellion.

I feel like this is the story arc I have been waiting for in this series. I’ve been hoping to see Kes Dameron and Shara Bey in action after Soule reintroduced them to us in the first issue of the run, and their plan to locate the Starlight Station from the High Republic era to put out a message to the rest of the Rebel Fleet scattered across the Galaxy.

To do this, Leila sends Kes and two other Path Finders, Needle and Frell to a museum on Coruscant with Lando and Lobot to help break them in.

Once inside, Kes and Frell go in search of the Droid in the Curator’s private collection whilst Needle runs a distraction that eventually leads to his death.

Back with the Fleet, C-3PO attempts to access the Droid’s memories but is unable to do so.

I’m really excited that we are starting to break away from Luke, Leia and the rest of the main characters from the films and starting to get stories about other members of the Rebellion, so much happens between ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’ with the gathering of the Rebel Fleet that if we were only going to focus on the main characters then we would miss out on some potentially amazing stories and great new characters.

Given the title of this arc, ‘Operation Starlight’ and the fact that Charles Soule is the author of this arc and the upcoming novel ‘Light of the Jedi’ which will kick start the ‘High Republic’ series, there is an obvious connection between the two, the title references a Space Station called ‘Starlight Beacon’ which will feature heavily in the upcoming series. Soule has been dropping hints in a number of places over the past year, starting with (as far as I can tell) his ‘Rise of Kylo Ren’ mini-series and now we are going to see the past and present meet, something I feel will be very interesting, and may help Luke learn more about the Force, which would help develop his character growth between Episodes Five and Six of the Original Trilogy.

The arc has started with an explosive bang and I hope that it continues to keep the pace throughout. The expansion of Kes Dameron’s character is a high point for me and I hope it carries on in this run and I really hope we get to see Shara Bey return later in the arc, who doesn’t want to get more time with Poe Dameron’s parents?

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