Star Wars: X-Wing 2 – Wedge’s Gamble Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole

Rogue Squadron take the offensive to the Imperial Capital of Coruscant in the second part of the X-Wing series.

Rogue Squadron infiltrate the planet with a group of former Black Sun operatives who work to foil the Imperial leadership and claim the planet in the name of the fledgling New Republic.

Corran Horn and his Squadron spend most of this story grounded, with only a few instances of in air/space battles.

We also get a lot more Galactic politics this time around, with the New Republic Council appearing, including a scene between Leia and Wedge, two old friends reunited briefly, it’s a welcome cameo and lets us touch base with the heroes of the Original Trilogy without an unnecessary amount of time being taken away from the story.

We also get to see a few well known EU characters, with Councillor Borsk Fey’lya, Winter and Moruth Doole from the Kevin J. Anderson’s ‘Jedi Search’, giving the EU some nice connectivity.

Whilst it doesn’t live up to the previous instalments excitement and fast pace, we do get some well plotted action for the Rogues, however I feel that when you buy into a series about X-Wing pilots, you want as much star fighter action as possible.

Director Isaard’s plans for taking out Rogue Squadron as well as the New Republic come to the fore, which will play a larger role in the upcoming novels in the series, with the Krytos Virus beginning to take hold within the alien species on the planet, and even some non-human members of Rogue Squadron, I feel that the series will ramp up with the next book, and this one was more of a intermediary story, putting the characters in place and building up to the main bulk of the overall story, more like the first half of the second act of a film, with act one having introduced us to the characters in the previous book.

However, the story ends with two of our main characters in serious trouble. Tycho Celchu has been arrested for the sabotage of the Z-95 Headhunter which Corran was piloting at the end of the book and the suspected murder of the lead character. Meanwhile, Corran Horn has been taken captive by Isaard and being transported to the Lusankya, the same Imperial Facility that Tycho Celchu was held before he “escaped”.

Whilst I would say that I was disappointed with ‘Wedge’s Gamble’, it wasn’t exactly what I expected but I’m sure, as with most ongoing series, once everything has been put together it all makes perfect sense.

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