#Collection Corner – 501st Legion Clone Troopers Lego

I held off on buying this for quite a while, originally feeling that there were plenty of other ‘Clone Wars’ vehicles we could have gotten instead of another AT-RT and a Speeder Bike, but sometimes those sets you don’t get excited for become a saving grace.

After a pretty rough week, mental health wise I needed some of that zen that building Lego gives me and I just am not getting it from the ‘Ewok Village’ set I am almost finished building (a lot of missing/broken pieces that are hindering progress) so on a trip to the local Supermarket I had to decide between this and the Boba Fett buildable helmet (I still think they don’t look right) and this set won the coin toss.

Split between two bags, the set also has a pretty full sticker sheet and of course, the instruction booklet.

Bag 1 build the BARC Speeder and provides two 501st Troopers and two B1 Battle Droids.

The BARC Speeder is really well designed, it has a sleek design and the little details using the ski’s look really good and not out of place.

The front end has some interesting building techniques to give the Speeder is sleek look. Four stickers add details at the front and back and the pilot seat fits a Trooper nicely and the steering handles fit perfectly into a Mini-Fig’s hand.

In terms of size, the build is bigger than I expected which was a pleasant surprise. Whilst I originally thought that this would be more of a Battle Pack sized build, I can safely eat my words on that one.

Bag 2 builds the AT-RT. This was a sticking point for me when it was first announced, seeing as we got a brilliant AT-RT set last year as part of the 20th Anniversary Wave of sets (check out my review HERE).

The 501st version is slightly smaller with less detail, which I would have thought would be a disappointment but it doesn’t actually bother me at all, the build is still well made, the building process enjoyable and the details the stickers give it are fantastic. The contrast between this and last years green/grey looks great when you look at them both together.

This section also comes with two Mini-Figs. A regular 501st Trooper with a hefty looking blaster and a 501st Jet Trooper, who is easily identifiable in the back with subtle differences in his design and a blue Jet Pack completes the look (although I may steal it for the Beskar Mandalorian in next years ‘Trouble on Tatooine’ set if he doesn’t already come with one).

Overall a surprisingly enjoyable set which I had already mentally rejected. The builds are fun and solid and the Mini-Fig selection is pretty good. However I would have loved to get a Fives, Rex or Jesse Mini-Fig in place of one of the three 501st Troopers, just to add a spot of variety.

At £25 for 285 pieces, the price/piece ratio is very good, we’re not looking a loads of small 1×1 pieces in this set. I can honestly say I’m pleased I picked this up.

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