Star Wars Reveals at Disney+ Investor Day 2020

Bob Chapek’s introduction gave us a hint of what we were in for later on in the four hour video aimed at investors, and it was a wonderful hint, 10 new Star Wars series/films.

After the first selection of shows from FX and Star, Kathy Kennedy stepped up to discuss Lucasfilm’s offerings for Disney+.

And initially discussing ‘The Mandalorian’ and its huge success. A brief showreel featuring footage from Season 2, no new footage however it did end on a beautiful showcase of Boba Fett.

John Faverau and Dave Filoni are working in TWO new series set alongside ‘The Mandalorian’, ‘Rangers of the New Republic’ and ‘Ahsoka’. I get a strong feeling that we will be getting a crossover or two, and hopefully a full time acting gig for Dave Filoni as Trapper Wolf. Kennedy also confirmed a Christmas 2021 release for ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 (thanks COVID for making that delay happen!).

Kathy then went on to discuss ‘Andor’, a spy-thriller to debut in 2022 and a special look at the series with behind the scenes interviews and set building. Diego Luna sounds like he is over the moon and a confirmed length of TWELVE episodes, wonderful concept art and a beautiful logo.

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ gets the spotlight, set 10 years after ROTS and confirmation of Hayden Christensen returning as Anakin Skywalker for what is said to be the “ultimate showdown” with Deborah Chow helming the series. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the special presentation on the live stream for non-investors (might have to set up the Patreon again).

After some ‘Clone Wars’ hype we get confirmation of ‘The Bad Batch’ and a trailer. From the looks of it, these guys will be doing a lot of travelling as well as spending time as part of the Empire, with Tarkin making an appearance. I think it will take place through the end of The Clone Wars and the early days of The Empire’s reign. And from the looks of it, Fennic Shane may be making an appearance. The animation looks beautiful and the style is that of ‘The Clone Wars’ which looks amazing!

‘Star Wars Visions’, an anthology series of Star Wars inspired Anime episodes, directed by legendary Anime creators.

Lando Calrissian will be getting his very own limited series, ‘Lando’, created by Justin Simien (Dear White People) I expect this will be wonderful, I hope this has both Billy Dee and Donald Glover reprising their roles as the iconic character, hopefully joined by Jannah and L3 respectively during the relevant time periods.

Leslye Hedland’s series gets further confirmation, called ‘The Acolyte’ and set during the end of ‘The High Republic’ Era.

R2-D2 and C-3PO will be teaming up with a new droid in ‘Star Wars: A Droids Story’, a series from Lucasfilm Animation and ILM.

After discussing Willow, Indiana Jones and Children of Blood and Bone, Kathy talks briefly about Taika Waititi’s upcoming film (which he is hard at work developing) before announcing ‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’, helmed by Patty Jenkins and released Christmas 2023 and will be centred on a new team of Pilots, Jenkins added hype to the announcement by tweeting THIS video of her giving a brief detail on her inspiration for the film.

What a slate of content. Granted we don’t know the timeline for release on a number of these upcoming shows, and the information is pretty sparse, it’s all great sizzle and gives us a shed load of content to get very, very excited over.

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