Speculation: The Mandalorian Chapter 14




Last year, just as ‘The Mandalorian’ was about to come out, Season 2 was in Pre-Production, Making Star Wars was putting out scoops from the set as things were gearing up to film, including THIS, which has been on my mind recently.

In the article, Jason Ward details a chance meeting with some people who worked on ‘The Mandalorian’ and struck up a conversation where they showed him some images from a workshop where there were multiple Yoda species puppets in various stages of construction. He was also informed that George Lucas consulted on the episode (possibly the sixth episode) and gave information on Yoda’s species.

During the first season I was waiting for the sixth episode with baited breath and we got ‘The Prisoner’ which was my least favourite of the first season. But given the timing of the article, my anticipation may have been a bit premature.

What I am thinking is that after meeting Ahsoka, she will either send of join Mando and The Child to locate more of the The Child’s species, but problems will ensue seeing as The Razorcrest is being tracked by Moff Gideon’s forces.

Could we see Mando and The Child go their separate ways here? Will Moff Gideon find all of the creatures and take them all for his nefarious experiments? Only time will tell…

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