#CollectionCorner – Winter 2021 Mandalorian Reveal

Well thank you BRICK FANATICS for making me even more excited for 2021 than I already was.

Images of the upcoming Lego set based on ‘The Mandalorian’ has been revealed and its shot right to the top of my ‘must buy’ list.

Direct from Chapter 9: The Marshal, this 276 piece set brings us The Mandalorian himself, in his shiny Beskar armour (unlike the previous two mini-figs that depict him pre-Beskar), The Child (at a much more affordable price-point than The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport/Razorcrest set) and a Tusken Raider. Mando and The Child get to ride their Speeder Bike as donated by Peli Motto to aid Mando in his search for another Mandalorian supposedly on Tatooine.

The Tusken Raider also gets some love, with a hut and campfire as well as a giant spear-launcher, both shown in the same episode.

Am I surprised by this set? Not at all. Mando and The Child on that Speeder Bike has been depicted in promotional material for the show, seen heavily in the trailers for the series and a great way to package the two leads in one smaller set. I am however slightly shocked by the Tusken Raider, hut and launcher, I would have thought that Lego would have cashed in very quickly on Cobb Vanth and his Podracer engine-turned-Speeder Bike, but this could purely be hindsight as, at the time this set was devised, the popularity of Timothy Olyphant’s character was known only to the readers of the ‘Aftermath Trilogy’, and I’m sure we’ll get that set in the future.

Looking at the images, this set looks pretty screen-accurate, the Speeder-Bike looks spot on, even for a smaller vehicle and the Hut and Campfire are a really nice detail to add for collectors to display (I’m already planning mine).

In all honesty, this will probably be the only set I pick up in the first Wave next year, with the majority of the sets being updated to older sets (with less pieces), this is the only “New” set. Luckily this will give me a chance to catch up on some of this years sets I haven’t had chance to pick up yet (and focus time to finally build the ‘Ewok Village’).

More info on the set will arrive with next weeks #MandoMonday event, but given the piece-count, I think we’ll be looking at around a £25 price-point, £30 at a push which is pretty standard for this size set.

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