Star Wars: Squadrons – The Battle of the Ringalli Nebula – Missions 12, 13 & 14

The final battle has arrived!

After the Empire’s plot to divers the Starhawk was successful, the battle starts in earnest.

Mission 12 has Vanguard Squadron escorting engineers to the nearby moon of Galitan where old Rebellion Comsats are reactivated for the New Republic to call in reinforcements.

You finally get to pilot a U-Wing, using its support technology to help decent the Comsats against an onslaught of TIE Fighters and Bombers, as well as making sure the engineers are well protected.

It’s back to Titan Squadron for Mission 13. Javes has taken control of Anvil Squadron and they are defending the Starhawk, your mission is to blow a hole in the hull of the warship and fly through the structure to the Tractor Beam generator, but before that, you take out Javes in one-on-one combat. Once the battle is over, Titan Squadron and The Overseer leave the Ringali Nebula, leaving the rest of the Imperial ships to bear witness to the Starhawks destruction.

After the mission, Titan Three (you) are promoted to Flight Baron and Titan Squadron recurve commendations and recognition for your bravery and dedication to the Empire.

With the Starhawk damaged beyond repair and the remaining Imperial ships nearby, General Syndulla puts a new plan into motion, using the last ounces of power from the Starhawk’s Tractor Beam, two Corvettes will tow the ship into a collision course with Galitan. The ensuing explosion will take out the Empire’s forces nearby. Mission 14 has Vanguard Squadron protect the ships until the point of no return. Luckily, Javes wasn’t killed by Titan Squadron and after Galitan explodes, he manages to lead you and the rest of your Squadron to safety by flying through the moon as it’s about to explode.

Once the mission is over, Vanguard Squadron are given high praise and you learn that, even though the prototype Starhawk was destroyed, the New Republic are working on building more of the ships for the future.

As a whole, the Battle of the Ringali Nebula is a great series of missions, with fast paced action, a whole lot of adventure and incredible enjoyable to play. Flipping between the two factions really gives you a great look at the battle from both sides, whereas normally in the films or books we usually only get a one sided view of the action.

The apparent loss of Lindon Javes and his subsequent return felt a little ham-fisted. His death would have really given the story some added gravitas, but seeing as the Starhawk project was under his watchful eye, it would have felt wrong for him not to oversee the construction of more of the powerful ships. His return also frees Hera from the project, ready for her to return to the ‘Alphabet Squadron: Shadowfall’ novel with Vanguard Squadron, seeing as Anvil Squadron is now under Jave’s command.

Overall, ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ has been immensely enjoyable, both from a gameplay perspective and from a story one. The story fits well into the established timeline and gives insight into Vanguard Squadron, and Hera’s mission that took her away from the action in ‘Shadowfall’.

Having both factions have storylines keeps the game fresh, with the two connected storylines fleshing out the events and also allowing players to jump into a wide array of ships which is a treat for anyone who has ever wanted to fly any of the iconic fighters from the Star Wars Saga.

I was also incredibly surprised by the length of the game itself, fourteen missions of decent length for the low price of £35 is pretty unheard of in this day and age of video games, and with a nice selection of multiplayer options (which I am avoiding right now) the price is absolutely spot-on.

I would love to see more stories for both these Squadrons, and would love a ‘Battle of Jakku’ expansion where Vanguard and Titan Squadrons get to face off once again. Of course we know which side wins, but to see the battle play out and to be a part of it would be immense.

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