Star Wars: The Will of Tarkin Part 1

The origins of the mysterious Commander Zahra are revealed as she prepares to tighten the noose on the struggling Rebel Fleet.

A former protégé of Grand Moff Tarkin, who bested her peers and became Tarkin’s right hand during the final stages of constructional The Death Star. She fell out of his favour when a mission she was sent on to wipe out a Crime Lord goes wrong. She witnessed the destruction from The Death Star as she took an Imperial Shuttle to complete the mission she failed to try and win back Tarkin’s praise.

Meanwhile, the Rebel Fleet put a plan in motion to combat the Imperial ships that are using their communications to hunt them.

Leia has her group send a transmission that lures the Imperials. Zahra’s fleet arrives and begins wiping out the Seventh Group, whilst another fleet arrives at the location of Leia’s group but they have moved on, and arrives to reinforce the Seventh Group in a pincer movement to try and take out Zahara’s fleet.

Getting to know Zahara after her introduction in the last arc was well placed, I imagine that she is the Canon equivalent of Admiral Daala who was introduced in the ‘Jedi Academy’ trilogy in the 90’s who went on to become the head of the equivalent of the Galactic Republic in the Legends timeline.

Her hatred of Leia looks to make some great storylines in this era and a face off between the two, especially with Leia being compromised emotionally due to Han Solo being frozen in Carbonite and the fact that the Rebel Alliance she has worked to build all of her adult life is under threat.

Again though, I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of newer Rebel characters. Of course this is only the first part of a new arc and is setting the story up, but I’m really wanting more Kes Dameron and Shara Bey, who have been noticeably absent since the first issue (well except their cameo at the end of the last issue). This is something I’ve said since around Issue 2, and will probably continue to do so until they get more time in the spotlight.

We do, however, get the token ‘High Republic’ reference we have come to expect from the series, seeing as Charles Soule is involved with the upcoming series, this time its the villains of the series, ‘The Nihil’ being referenced by Tarkin.

A solid start to a new story which I’m very much looking forward to continuing. Zahara looks to be a compelling new villain for our heroes to face-off against and the writing and art are sublime as always.

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