Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 4

The second act of Aphra’s triumphant return comes to a close, her team has been betrayed and they have nothing but desperation left…

After Lucky’s betrayal, Aphra and the rest of the crew are locked in the Workshop, but Okka’s droid finds a way out via the City of Vaale’s sewer system.

Underground, the team feel like they are going mad by seeing the walls move, but this is actually happening, an old security system the Architects built which caused the deaths of everyone in the city.

Luckily they are able to escape the sewers near The Ark Angel but Tagge’s ships arrive and destroy the ship and then the entire City of Vaale.

Black Krrrsantan find a working High Republic era ship that is still operational and the team take it in search of Tagge.

Lucky and his team discuss their soon to be received earnings but Lucky warns them all and gives them the advice to take their money and run. Once they meet with Tagge, they are told that they won’t receive full payment as they only have one ring with them, the deal was for two rings and Professor Okka.

Aphra’s ship arrives at Cantonica and the crew has a plan. The ship is captured and taken to Tagge, Okka and Aphra lead the team off the ship, hoping that the plan works out…

The pace is slowing down for the third act to kick into gear, but it doesn’t slow down in a bad way. The team are still reeling from Lucky’s betrayal and they get to learn more about the City of Vaale on their way, with the living walls that is something that would be right at home in an ‘Indiana Jones’ film, which is fitting because Aphra feels like the Star Wars embodiment of the Indiana Jones character… with a bit more of an untrustworthy edge of course.

I’m loving how the story is going, the writing and art continues to be amazing, there’s a part of me that actually thinks that this would be a series I would like even without the Star Wars title on the front, which, given that I’m only buying Star Wars titles these days says a lot.

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