Star Wars: Squadrons – Imperial Retaliation – Missions 8, 9, 10 & 11

After her humiliating defeat in the Zavian Abyss. Captain Kerrill’s Star Destroyer arrives in the Outer Rim, in the territory of Imperial Colonel Gralm who refuses to assist Kerrill’s attack on the Nadiri Ship Yards.

Instead he enlists Titan Squadron to help defend his outpost against Rebel forces. Kerrill devises a plan where she is able to kill two birds with one stone. Titan will protect the outpost whilst stealing the munitions necessary to destroy the Starhawk whilst Gralm is distracted.

Once she has what she needs, Titan Squadron leaves and you are promoted to Squad Leader. After a briefing with Kerrill and Admiral Sloane, you lead Titan Squadron on an attack against Mon Cala to lure the New Republic fleet away from the Nadiri Shipyards.

Once at the shipyards, your mission is to eradicate the defences before loading up with Baradium missiles to severely damage the Starhawk, as well as wipe out evacuees and as many fighters as possible.

Once you have disabled the Starhawk’s Hyperdrive, Kerrill orders a full barrage of Baradium missiles, but the attack is stopped when Javes’ ship returns, right into the missiles path, damaging his ship in the process, but granting Hera the opportunity to get the Starhawk away from the Shipyards.

The chase is on in the next mission, with the Starhawk and New Republic on the run, Titan Squadron has to chase them down in an ambush in a Star Destroyer graveyard where the remains of the old Imperial Ships have been left after being plundered to build the New Republics new ships.

Within the graveyard are a number of reactors, still operational and very unstable. The mission is to damage and destroy as many of the New Republic ships using the reactors, and if that fails, cause enough disruption so that the Starhawk diverts into the Ringali Nebula.

I really love how the story has just ramped up over these missions. The escalation really emphasises Kerrill’s desperation to locate the Starhawk as well as defeat Javes in as brutal a fashion as possible. You spend a lot of time in TIE Bombers, even getting to use a high powered Beam weapon which works wonders against immobile targets. I chose to fly the last mission in a TIE Reaper to enjoy the benefits of having a shield in a pretty intense battle.

With one last mission to go, I have to say that this has been a fantastic gaming experience for me and I’m looking forward to jumping back on to focus on collecting all the medals.

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