Star Wars: Squadrons – Rebel Tactics – Missions 6 & 7

Jumping back to the New Republic part of the story, Lindon Javes has formed a plan to draw Captain Kerrill into a trap, starting by sending Vanguard Squadron to an Imperial Listening Post at Esseles.

You take control of a Y-Wing fighter in this mission, your job is to get right up to the facility and use your bombs on a variety of targets, eventually destroying the station.

You get a choice of ship for the next mission, where you and the Squadron have to escort a convoy of Droid Controlled ships through the treacherous Zavian Abyss.

The plan is to lure Kerrill into a bottleneck where the now fully operational Starhawk will be waiting. The battle is intense, you have to take on numerous waves of TIE Fighters before Kerrill arrives and the Starhawk puts on an impressive display with its Tractor Beam which causes Kerrill’s Star Destroyer a considerable amount of damage before escaping into Hyperspace.

It’s great to jump into a new Fighter. Having played ‘Battlefront 2’ for a considerable amount of time I have become accustomed to the X-Wing and A-Wing cockpits (of course not to the same degree as ‘Squadrons’) so getting to pilot a Y-Wing is a welcome change of scenery.

Being the workhorse of the Rebel Fleet, the Y-Wing has often been depicted as slower and less manoeuvrable than most other Starfighters, I’ll openly admit, when playing the various ‘Rogue Squadron’ games back in the day, I wasn’t a fan of the ship as they felt like moving targets rather than a powerful ship. ‘Squadrons’ gives us a better experience, whilst slower than the X and A-Wings, they don’t fell like they are crawling through the battlefield and are much more manoeuvrable. My only gripe is that it took me a while to get the hang of doing bombing runs as you have to angle the ship just right so the bomb drops onto the target but once I was used to it, it wasn’t a problem.

The story continues to be strong, finally getting to see a Starhawk in action is pretty cool, seeing as all we have “seen” of them is in their introductory novel ‘Aftermath: Empire’s End’.

So, now back to Titan Squadron and Captain Kerrill on the bridge of her Star Destroyer.

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