Star Wars: Squadrons – Through Imperial Eyes – Missions 4 & 5

After spending the first three missions with with Vanguard Squadron, the next two missions introduce us to Titan Squadron.

We already know Varko Grey, the Squad Leader, from the short film ‘Hunted’. The other three pilots are just as interesting. Firstly, we have Vonreg, whom I suspect is related to Major Vonreg from ‘Resistance’. Sol is an Imperial fanatic, her parents were members of the Imperial Senate before it was disbanded by Palpatine, she follows Kerrill’s orders without question. The final member of your Squadron is Shen, he has been severely injured in the past and refuses to take off his helmet due to the various cybernetics that have been grafted onto him. He seems to be the big brute of the group and fiercely loyal to his team.

You are recruited into the Squadron by Captain Terisa Kerrill, your former Wing Mate who served with you under Javes prior to his defection. Her first mission for you is to extract an Imperial Spy from a New Republic facility orbiting Hosnian Prime.

Once Agent Thorn is extracted, you take control of a TIE Reaper to spy on a New Republic convoy, taking engineers to Project Starhawk. Unfortunately the mission goes awry when a glory-hunting Imperial Commander attacks the convoy. Instead of tracking them you steal information before wiping the convoy out.

What I really enjoy about the Imperial side of this game so far is seeing the different types of characters we have. Gone are the near automaton Imperial Army, instead this team are able to think for themselves whilst getting the mission complete. We a really are getting to see the Empire in disarray and the plan to reform the Imperial Fleet in the run up to the ‘Battle of Jakku’ really gives us a look at how the Imperial Remnant is being run under the watchful eye of fan favourite? Rae Sloane who we get to see talking to Kerrill

Getting to pilot the TIE Reaper is great fun. It’s the Squadron’s support ship, with Ion Cannons and a shield, which is relatively uncommon for an exploration vessel.

Once again, I have no complaints about this game whatsoever. The gameplay continues to impress me. I’m pleased I am currently playing in ‘Story Mode’, not only to focus on the story, but to really let myself get to grips with the controls, because I really need to pay attention to what I’m doing right now, I’m still crashing far too much for my liking.

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