Star Wars: Squadrons – First Impressions and Missions 1 – 3


Star Wars: Squadrons has finally arrived, and from what I have seen it’s garnered some good reviews so far.

I’ve had the chance to okay a bit of it so far and so I’m going to give you all my first impressions for the first few missions and the story as it’s been revealed at the point I have reached.

Before you jump into a cockpit you’re first task is to customise your Pilots, both Imperial and Rebel. I went pretty generic in their design, we don’t get to see them loads on screen and I opted to go with the randomised names, really because the names also make no difference as you are referred to throughout as your Squadron Call Sign.

The Prologue, set after ‘A New Hope’ has you joining the Imperial Helix Squadron under the command of Captain Lindon Javes. Your mission is to wipe out Alderaanian refugees at Forster Haven. During the raid, Javes defects and helps the convoy evade your fighters.

The second part of the Prologue has you working with Echo Squadron, who are called to the aid of the Alderaanian refugees by Captain Javes and protect them from the Star Destroyer ‘Vigilance’.

The main story, set after ‘Return of the Jedi’, for the first two missions at least, is set from the New Republic perspective. You join Vanguard Squadron, under the command of Captain Javes. The Squadron is being brought into a secret project called ‘Project Starhawk’.

The first mission has you and your new teammates working to reestablish communications throughout the sector as well as locate a group of scouts who have gone missing. Once you locate the wreckage of the scouts, you have to help the rest of the team take out the Imperial Jammers.

Mission Two brings Wedge Antilles into the fold, the mission is to successfully capture an Imperial Star Destroyer, intact, which will be used as part of Project Starhawk.

Mission Three has you jump into the cockpit of an A-Wing to help defend the recently liberated Star Destroyer after its Hyperdrive fails and is in need of aid whilst the Boarding Party repairs the ship. You have to fight of numerous waves of TIE Bombers, Fighters and a few Raiders (like The Corvus). You also learn a new manoeuvre from Tao, drifting, like Poe does at the beginning of ‘The Last Jedi’. Once the Star Destroyer is repaired (for the second time) you are taken to the headquarters of Project Starhawk where Hera Syndulla welcomes Vanguard Squadron to the project.

Having played the Space Battle Mode in ‘Battlefront 2’ and failed miserably when using the first-person camera mode, I didn’t hold out much hope for my abilities in this game but the controls are much more refined and manageable here. So far I am a much more competent TIE Pilot than an X-Wing one but I have time to learn.

The story so far is interesting, tying into both the ‘Alphabet Squadron’ books and the ‘Aftermath Trilogy’ nicely. The former even being name dropped in a conversation with your Squad Leader, Gunny, a Mimbanese U-Wing Pilot. The rest of your team, the Trandoshan, Frisk, who prefers a Y-Wing, Tao, the Mirialan A-Wing Pilot and Grace, a fellow human, who pilots an X-Wing like you (at this point).

The team dynamic is well played out and the writing really gives them a great sense of comradeship that you never really got in the ‘Rogue Squadron’ games.

I’m enjoying the story so far, and as it’s written by the team who wrote the campaign for ‘Battlefront 2’ I have seriously high hopes, but so far I’m not disappointed.

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