#CollectionCorner – Hasbro Reveals: The Black Series

Hasbro have announced a boatload of new Star Wars toys and boy do they look good. There’s a new wave for ‘The Vintage Collection’ that finally has a Captain Rex figure, HasLab has opened up preorders for ‘The Vintage Collection’ scale Razorcrest and we are also getting a ‘Black Series’ Ahsoka lightsaber based on Season 7 of ‘The Clone Wars’.

And whilst these are all pretty great things to talk about, it’s not my area of limited expertise, but what I can do is write about ‘The Black Series’ reveals that we also got.

Finally making its way into the hands of collectors is a Jar-Jar figure and Hasbro aren’t holding back and have made it into a deluxe figure with numerous accessories. He comes with a shield, staff and boomer launcher. The detailing here looks lovely and it immediately went onto my Wish List.

The second deluxe figure is Boba Fett, this time from ‘Return of the Jedi’, featuring the accessories you need to reenact his two seconds of screen time during the fight at the Sarlacc Pit. He has a blaster, a broken blaster, a grappling hook launcher and, for some unknown reason, maybe to just fill up space, a flamethrower attachment. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t use a flamethrower in any of the versions of ‘Return of the Jedi’. I’ll be passing on this one in favour of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ 40th Anniversary version. It’ll look nicer on the wall.

Coming soon is The Armourer from ‘The Mandalorian’. Supposedly meant to be this years Star Wars Celebration Exclusive (I would have totally picked this up there) it’s now a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive for America. More than likely there will be a regular release in an upcoming Wave which will be joining Jar-Jar on my Wish List.

Rey: Dark Side Vision has been teased before the reveal and I’m all in for this. This isn’t an actual image of the figure, but a Digital Render, but if the figure looks half as good it’s going to be great. I love the folding lightsaber and the detailing we get here. My only gripe is the long-winded name. Surely the figure could have been called ‘Rey Palpatine’ or ‘Empress Palpatine’ just to sound cooler.

Hasbro are also bringing back ‘The Black Series: Archive Collection’ with four more additions, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear, Clone Commander Cody (which I thing won a fan poll) and the one that I will be hunting down tooth and nail, Grand Admiral Thrawn! The card back also feature a stamp to celebrate ’50 Years of Lucasfilm’, which is a nice addition.

Overall the reveals are pretty great. The new Boba Fett feels like a massive cash-grab for a handful of accessories, especially so soon after releasing ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Anniversary figure recently. But what can I say, he’s popular and there are always new collectors who missed out on the previous versions and of course the hardcore Fett Fans. Luckily the majority of these are out next year so I have time to save up.

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