Star Wars: Squadrons – ‘Hunted’ Short Film Review

‘Hunted’ is a short CG film that ties in with the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ game, and it’s bloody brilliant.

Set in the Var-Shaa system, it follows Captain Varko Grey as Titan Squadron and others from the Star Destroyer Overseer as they fail to protect an Imperial Shipyard.

Grey reluctantly starts to retreat when Titan 3 calls for assistance whilst the Overseer prepares to go to Lightspeed.

Titan 3 is destroyed and Grey’s TIE Interceptor is damaged as the Destroyer leaves the system and Grey behind.

As the New Republic forces get closer, Grey shuts down his fighter, hoping to to go unnoticed but is found by a nosy New Republic X-Wing Pilot who chases Grey onto a nearby planet where Grey races against time to defeat his enemy before his ship shuts down completely.

The animation is wonderful, I hope the graphics in the game are remotely similar to these. The pacing and editing are great, I actually ended up caring about Grey, and hoping he made it. Not that I would be sympathetic towards the Imperial Remnant as a whole but this film is crafted for us to actually like this Imperial Pilot. His attempt to save one member of his Squadron show us that he’s not your average TIE Pilot and I want to learn more about him once the game is released.

The New Republic forces are shown in great numbers. They have a large number of Mon Cala ships in their fleet now, there are three in this film alone, all ones we have seen in the films, but it shows that The New Republic Fleet is getting bigger and the Imperial Remnant are essentially on the run, as Grey says “Another retreat.”

I was already looking forward to ‘Squadrons’ but now I’m chomping at the bit, and I’m gutted we have to wait another couple of weeks.

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