Darth Vader: Dark Heart of the Sith Part 5

Words can’t describe how much I am enjoying this Darth Vader run, so far it’s my favourite of all the Vader comics I have read, and that’s only five issues in.

Vader visits Padmé’s tomb and is followed by Sabé and the other Amidalians. She begs Vader not to exhume her body, but the droid scans the corpse and reveals a medical device that leads them to Polis Massa. Vader tells Sabé to lead her Amidalians there and meet him.

Once at Polis Massa, Vader learns that Obi-Wan brought her there to save her life after Anakin was defeated on Mustafasr. Before he is able to learn anything else the Amidalian Army arrives and are thoroughly vanquished by Vader and his Troops.

Once in the Medical Facility, the Droid finds footage of Padmé talking to Obi-Wan before her death, saying there is still good in Anakin. Upon hearing this Vader destroys the Droid.

He returns to The Emperor, claiming his business is over, but the Emperor isn’t fooled, sensing no fear, anger or hate in his Apprentice, only grief, with Palpatine preparing to retrain Vader in the ways of the Sith.

This issue feels somewhat reminiscent of some parts of ‘Vader Down’, with Vader facing off against an army. Granted this time he has a group of Death Troopers as well but that just makes it even more exciting. Vader is so hell bent on learning the truth about Luke’s birth that he’s ready to face down anything in his path, even an army. It’s almost like seeing Anakin the strategist coming back from The Clone Wars for one last hurrah.

Having Vader going back to Palpatine and essentially going to be going back to Sith School really helps build the idea of conflict within him that Luke senses in ‘Return of the Jedi’. There is a part of me that hopes that this run doesn’t end right before ‘Return of the Jedi’ but actually tells Vader’s story from the film from his perspective, I especially would love to see his thought process during the dual with Luke in Palpatine’s Throne Room and the moment he passed away.

The art and writing continues to be phenomenal, the story is gripping, the twists and turns it has taken has been a thrill ride so far and it gives no evidence of slowing down.

I’ve complained before about there being an over abundance of Darth Vader content nowadays, leaving little to the imagination about the Dark Lord of the Sith who up until recent years was shrouded in mystery, but I regret complaining that we were getting this series because it’s been so good so far. I hope by the time the series ends I won’t have to eat those words. Only time will tell.

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