Star Wars TV: Animation or Live Action

The age of Disney+ can honestly be seen as a further renaissance in Star Wars. After three highly successful series (Mando, Clone Wars and Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian), and the upcoming Obi-Wan focused mini-series, the Cassian Andor series and the ‘Clone Wars’ spin-off ‘The Bad Batch’, the franchise is certainly picking up speed on the streaming service, which for the fanbase is great, but with more potential live action shows being rumoured the question on my mind is “Will Disney+ eventually shun the animated series and solely focus on live action?”

Honestly I really hope not. We have had three great (Canon) series with ‘The Clone Wars’, ‘Rebels’ and ‘Resistance’. The upcoming ‘The Bad Batch’ has been announced to be an animated series, which is an obvious choice given that it’s a spin-off from a previous animated series but the long rumoured and oft-clamoured for sequel series to ‘Rebels’ that would focus on Ahsoka and Sabine searching for Ezra could go the other way.

With Ahsoka and Sabine being heavily rumoured to be making their live action debut in the second series of ‘The Mandalorian’ and with that a rumour of a live action ‘Ahsoka’ series which would probably follow those characters are n that adventure given the timeline, is the animated version being put o. The chopping block? To me it certainly seems so. Why make two series set in the same part of the timeline? The whole idea makes very little sense.

Given the time it takes to make animated series, if this ‘Rebels’ sequel is animated, surely it would be in heavy development by now? Or was it put on hold to make ‘The Bad Batch’ and the scripts re-tooled to make the switch to live action? But to me it makes no sense to make a live action sequel series to an animated series. Why change the entire medium, the whole look and feel would change. Just look at the style of ‘Rebels’, the show may have looked a bit rough early on (due to lower budgets) but it’s style was very distinct, and a sequel series would look similar to keep the aesthetic, much like how rumours of the style of ‘The Bad Batch’ claim that the show will look similar to ‘The Clone Wars’.

Also, why put a whole series on hold that may already have had a lot of development for a series that might not even go ahead. The Ahsoka/Sabine episode of ‘The Mandalorian’ is supposedly meant to act like a back-door pilot and if the live action versions of the characters aren’t popular enough then would the live action series even go ahead?

My final concern is this, not only is there a rumoured ‘Ahsoka’ series, but there are a handful more series being rumoured, including a Lando series featuring both Billy Dee Williams and Donald Glover as the character. Would all of these series cause an overload of content? Would a constant stream of Star Wars series be healthy for a franchise that has been criticised for its fast release schedule over the last few years.

Of course I am in full speculation here, no inside knowledge just some thoughts and that I don’t want to see animation fall to the way side just to cram more and more live action shows onto Disney+.

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