Me and My Padawan: The Empire Strikes Back

I wish I had recorded a commentary on this.

On a recent car trip with Emma, she started talking about spaceships and going into space. I told her that Star Wars is set in space with spaceships. Her growing knowledge of the characters and understanding of ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ let me think that it was a good time to give it a go. Whilst flicking through the films on Disney+ she saw an image of Luke and Yoda and told me that was the one we had to watch. Fair enough. It’s my favourite and was the first one I watched so without hesitation I agreed.

Let me get started by admitting we didn’t make it through the whole film. We got to the arrival on Bespin, which for a three year old was pretty good. Also, after the first half hour she went and started playing/colouring but did continue to watch, albeit distracted.

The first half hour I had to explain who was who and what was going on, she was interested and once she found her ‘Forces of Destiny’ Leia and R2-D2 figures so she spent the whole of Hoth waving her Leia doll around every time she cane on screen.

She wasn’t all that fussed about the Battle of Hoth but once Luke was on Dagobah she payed attention to Yoda, the character she has known the longest thanks to a Bubble Bath topper I gave her for a bath toy a long time ago, but even then her interest waned somewhat.

By the time the Falcon was in the Exogorth she was completely uninterested, which wasn’t a problem, she had done very well for her first time but didn’t get me to turn it off, so I carried on watching whilst we played with her Disney Princess Lego sets.

I think we will carry on with the ‘Galaxy of Adventures’ shorts for a while, she definitely does enjoy those and her interest in my POP! Vinyl collection, The Child and more recently the Lego sets I have on display give me the feeling that another attempt at watching one of the films could be getting closer. Maybe I’ll try her on ‘The Phantom Menace’, taxation ploy aside, the bright colours alone may hold her attention a bit longer, she could even realise that Anakin is the same person as that POP! Vinyl figure she pesters me to play with a lot…

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