#CollectionCorner – Lego Brick Headz The Mandalorian and The Child

My shameless need to buy products from ‘The Mandalorian’ has finally hit a moment of disappointment.

Having not gone down the Lego Brick Headz collecting route until now, I feel like this purchase was either incredibly impulsive or a much needed revelation that not all Star Wars Lego is good.

When they were first announced and revealed I made the decision to just not bother with them, essentially they are a somewhat late addition to the stylised collectables that Funko has essentially built a whole monopoly on. Except these ones you build yourself.

The set is split into two sections, ‘The Child’ and ‘The Mandalorian’. Each has its own instruction booklet.

The first to build (it doesn’t matter either way, but the booklets are labelled 1 and 2) is ‘The Child’ with its hovering pram.

The pram was an interesting build and looks incredibly accurate to the one seen in the film. At this scale, detail is important to avoid grouchy fans getting hostile online and honestly it looks really great, as does ‘The Child’.

There are no stickers, any added detail is made using printed pieces and the eyes look great with the little dot of light just off from the centre.

In terms of ‘The Child’ merchandise (that I own so far), I don’t feel like this is at the top of my list of greats. The build feels tedious, even though the final product does look good.

Based on the characters design from ‘Chapter 1’ of the series, the Mandalorian Brick Headz looks alright, if a bit messy. The amount of detail that has been put on here far outweighs the size of the build itself.

Sporting his two blasters, Mando is ready for some really blocky action.

Whilst the build was once again tedious, which at a whopping 114 pieces is not a good sign, it does have a couple of interesting building techniques, which at first seem a tad strange but the finished look is good.

Unfortunately the disappointment is much greater than my enjoyment of the finished product. I was really hopeful that I would enjoy a new type of build but in the end it really just wasn’t my thing.

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