Balancing the Force 6 – The World Between Worlds Part 2


Thanks to Kyle, Marie and Nathan on the latest episode of the ‘Tumbling Sabers’ Podcast (listen HERE), my brain has been going over one particular concept that they discussed in regards to The World Between Worlds, which I wrote about in a previous post, Balancing the Force 4 -The World Between Words.

They posed the question that, what if Ezra uses the doorway to the World Between Worlds that Thrawn had on board The Chimera to escape whatever place that the Purgill take the ship at the end of Season 4?

I can honestly say that I had never considered that before, and so far, Ezra is the only character to actually enter the World Between Worlds. You could say that Ahsoka does, but she is pulled through by Ezra rather than actively locating a doorway and unlocking it.

Think about it for a moment. Ezra could find a way to open the door and travel back to a place he could easily be located, or use it to find Ahsoka and Sabine as they go searching for him (come in folks we all know it will happen is some form one day).

Ezra has this untapped resource at his disposal, and after learning the lesson from Ahsoka that the power to manipulate time could lead to disastrous results in the episode ‘World Between Worlds’, surely he wouldn’t abuse the power but would use it to be found by his friends.

The other side of this could actually be that Ahsoka and Sabine, the only two other characters (that we know of) who have had exposure to the World Between Worlds in some way could actually be looking for doorways into that plain of existence, as a means of locating Ezra. Ahsoka looks like she has been through some stuff at the end of Season 4 when she picks up Sabine so what if she has spent her time looking for any information she can about it and using that research, leads Sabine across the Galaxy in search of the doorways, seeing as it was Sabine who figured out how to open the doorway in the first place.

And just bear with me as I write a tin foil hat type theory that could be very much out there, but what if…

Ahsoka and Sabine locate and enter a doorway and once inside they find an older Ezra who has spent time searching for them in the doorways. They are then drawn to a single doorway that leads them to Mortis (told you it was out there) and the three of them end up becoming the Gods of Mortis, with Ahsoka as ‘The Mother’, Ezra as ‘The Brother’ and Sabine as ‘The Sister’.

Granted, Sabine is not Force Sensitive, or it hasn’t been established yet. But Mortis is a strange and blizzard place where we have seen that absolutely anything can happen. Or they end up taking on those roles but within the World Between Worlds. Acting and defenders and guides of the incredible power that realm holds?

Or, and this could be the most plausible idea, I may be just overthinking the whole thing in a sleep deprived state of mind after working what feels like a very long shift.

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