Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 3

The misadventures of the legendary Doctor Aphra continues in this third and exciting issue of the new run.

Aphra and her team are held at blaster point by the soldiers of Ronan Tagge, after Lucky, Okka and Black Krrsantan fell into an underground corridor (last issue). They hear Aphra “double cross” them by agreeing to work for Tagge and locate the Rings of Vaale.

Whilst Okka and her two companions try to find their way out, they end up in a room where one of the rings is meant to be kept and are lucky enough to find it, whilst Lucky tries to figure out who among the team is a spy for Tagge.

Meanwhile, up above, Aphra dupes Tagges crew I to setting off a number of boobs-traps that cause the right amount of mayhem, allowing Aphra to confront Detta Yao, who it seems has been quite unscrupulous and Aphra seems some of her in the young trainee archaeologist.

They enter another room where another ring is meant to be but it’s missing. Okka’s team joins them, and whilst discussing the ring that has been found, it’s determined that Lucky stoke it from Okka and he lets in the remaining members of Tagge’s crew, revealing himself to be the spy.

With a great mixture of action, archaeology and good old double crossing, the issue really continues this fun adventure for Aphra. The other characters get moments to shine, especially Okka and Yao. Yao’s conversation with Aphra really goes to show how well Aphra can read people, especially when they remind her of her. We get brief glimpses at her time in the Archaeology University, some of which were hinted at in the Aphra Audio Drama.

I am really, thoroughly enjoying this series so far. Alyssa Wong’s writing is phenomenal and her really gets how to write the character, as well as a great Star Wars story. Cresta’s art is gorgeous and I really hope the two of these creators stay together working on this series as the writing and art wonderfully complement each other.

I can’t believe we have to wait a month for the next issue, I wish it was coming out sooner. Whilst I am enjoying the three current Star Wars comics series, this and Vader are holding the top spot (despite my adoration for Charles Soule’s work on the main title).

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