#CollectionCorner – Droid Escape Pod Lego Review

This was one of those sets that I overlooked in my early collecting days, I was more focused on the larger sets in those waves, but when it was offered at a decent price on Facebook Marketplace, along with a few other sets I went for it.

As this is a second-hand set, I can only describe what I have seen. The set comes in two numbered bags with the instructions, and (in pure speculation) the curved walls come in a separate bag altogether.

The first bag builds the core of the set, using the curved walls on hinged plates to allow the Pod to open and close.

There are a few stickers in this part of the build, adding details to the outer hull and also on the interior, with a screen showing the Pod’s trajectory and the other giving us a view port showing the Devastator in a screen accurate image from ‘A New Hope’.

Bag 1 also gives us the first two mini-figs, a Jawa and R2-D2. The Jawa comes with a blaster made up of a megaphone and transparent blue stud. R2-D2 is the same as I’ve seen over the last few years.

Bag 2 adds the seating and controls for the Pod, as well as the final details on the exterior, with the front of the ship and the engines. It also includes as console that comes out of the Pod and includes Death Star plans.

When closed, the set is a spot on representation of the vehicle in the film, and is a decent size.

The second bag also comes with a second Jawa and the required C-3PO.

Overall, this set has surprised me as to how good it actually is. The level of detail provided by the stickers is great. My favourite of course is the view of the Star Destroyer. The mini-figs are pretty obvious for the set, R2 and C-3PO are a must for the Escape Pod and the Jawas are a great addition and accurate for the Droids desert adventure. I’m going to hold strong though and not go searching for a Sandcrawler just yet.

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