Darth Vader: Dark Heart of the Sith Part 4 Comic Review

Thank the Maker this was released this week! Ever since the cliffhanger of the last issue I have been nigh on desperate for this issue to come out, coupled with the fact I have almost finished reading ‘Queen’s Peril’ and I am all in for the stories about Padmé and her Handmaidens.

Vader, Sabé, Tonra and Typho survive the Sandi Aqua Monster attack, with Vader and Zed 6-7 being eaten and subsequently cutting his way out of the beast once it arrives on land.

Vader leads the Droid and his Death Troopers through the fields of Naboo, heading for Padmé’s tomb but are stopped by Ric Olé and a group calling themselves the Amidalians. Vader and his troops make short work of them, with Vader killing the former Royal Pilot himself.

Vader reaches the tomb but is stopped by Sabé, Eiraté, Rabé, Saché and Dormé who are guarding the tomb. They battle Vader who momentarily chokes them but rather than kill them throws them away from the tomb before entering…

This is one action heavy issue, but rather than it be a problem, we get to see how much of a toll this is for Vader with all of the memories of his life as Anakin flooding back, more and more in this issue.

Greg Pak truly knows how to write for Vader and Sabé, it’s obvious that Pak and E.K. Johnston has been working closely to realise her characterisation and the group of Handmaidens who appear later on in the issue, each having a panel or two as well as some context to how Anakin would have known them is just great writing.

This may be blasphemy to some, but this is quickly becoming my favourite story-arc of any of the Vader comics that I have read. The writing, as I have said before is fantastic and the art is beautiful. I really hope that Pak and Ienco stay together for the duration of this run because they are doing amazing work.

For fans of E.K. Johnston’s Padmé books this is a must read, I am certainly hoping she provides us with some backstory of the Amidalians at some point in the future because I am loving the whole idea that was fleshed out in this issue.

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