Speculation: The Future of Star Wars Video Games

In June, EA revealed that they will be “doubling down” their Star Wars output, which is much needed given their lacklustre approach to putting games out based on the Galaxy far, far away. Since they got the license in 2013 we have got three console games with a fourth on the way and four for mobile devices, of which there is only one still operational.

I’ll ignore the mobile games for now and focus on the console games for a moment. Out of the three games released so far, only one has come out without facing backlash. The first ‘Battlefront’ was an online only experience, with four DLC add-on’s that when you add them up, equal the amount that the initial game cost originally and the backlash against ‘Battlefront 2’ caused EA to reevaluate their pay-to-win strategy and ended up having to dramatically alter the game after release. Thankfully for EA, their free add-on content has more than made up for their initial blunder. Only ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’ came out to fanfare.

The question is, what do we want to play as Star Wars fans?

Honestly, I love story-based single player experiences, so ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’ has my full adoration, I do enjoy ‘Battlefront 2’ for both its online and offline options, it’s my go-to game (especially now I have found Co-Op mode). There we have a 3rd Person action/adventure with puzzles, secrets and an incredible story with some amazing characters. The ‘Battlefront 2’ campaign is a 1st Person shooter which is enjoyable to play and takes us on a year long adventure between the Battles of Endor and Jakku. The upcoming ‘Squadrons’ is a flight simulator where you take the controls of the Starfighters we all want to jump into the cockpits of.

But what else could we get? An open world RPG? Well I’d certainly be up for it, but at the same time, just imagine how big it would have to be. Sure, have an open world on Coruscant, but this is ‘Star Wars’, planet hopping is in the DNA of the franchise, and what planets do the creators pick, the Galaxy is vast with several iconic planets or so we get new planets? It’d be a tough choice, and what about the action in Space? Whilst the idea is good, the logistics could be a bit much for one game. Of course it has been done before with ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ which to this day is one of the top ‘Star Wars’ games ever made (and I still can’t get into it).

A 2D side scroller could be fun, but I can’t see an original story working, but I spent a great amount of time in my youth playing ‘Super Return of the Jedi’ on my Game Boy, and boy was that a fun game. Maybe some form of adaptation of all the films would be fun.

I won’t lie and say that I’ve not considered digging out my old N64 and playing ‘Episode 1: Racer’, but what’s stopping developers from making an all out remake? Throw in a feasible storyline for players to follow, throw in cameo’s from known Racers like Sebulba and Gasgano (even Ben Quadrinaros).

One game I did enjoy a lot as a kid was ‘Galactic Battlegrounds’ I spent hours just playing that on the PC. The only problem is that it would be nigh impossible to make a game like that ‘Canon’, seeing as the aim of the game is to win each level playing as whichever army you have chosen. Of course you could have a stand-alone campaign and then have a ‘Free-For-All’ mode which isn’t story driven.

What I’m essentially trying to get at here is that when it comes to ‘Star Wars’ games, the type of game doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, it’s not the franchise to do that in my opinion. What the games need is a solid story, that fits into the Galaxy and makes a solid use of the medium then I’m all in.

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