Darth Vader Issue 3 – Dark Heart of the Sith Part 3

The Dark Lord returns in the first issue of Greg Pak’s series to be released since March, and I feel that it deserves a very, very warm welcome.

Sabé and Vader have reached Naboo and Vader’s memories of Padmé are coming back thick and fast as he remembers their time on Naboo during ‘Attack of the Clones’.

They go to the lake house and are attacked by two men who we find out are the former Captain Typho and Captain Tonra (from ‘Queen’s Shadow’). They reveal they they have been working with Sabé to find Padme’s killer and avenge her death. Vader asks them to take him to where the lost recordings from Padme’s apartment are hidden.

Vader, the three Padmé loyalists and Vader’s Droid get into a Gungan sub and are soon attacked by a Colo Claw Fish which Vader injures. They find an underwater structure, made to be a shrine to the former Naboo Senator and Tonra gives Vader the recordings.

The recording is of Sabé, Typho, Tonalra and a handful of others pledging themselves to find justice for Padmé and Anakin’s deaths on Mustafar. The group have deduced that Vader murdered them both, which he agrees about. Tonra activates a beacon which lures a Sando Aqua Monster to their location…

I am so pleased this series is back, the first two issues were so good that I have missed it during the Pandemic and leapt at the chance to read it as soon as it arrived on my Kindle App.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea where this series was going, with Vader teaming up with Sabé but by the end of this issue it all makes sense, it was a trap for Vader all along.

I love the connections with E.K. Johnston’s novel ‘Queen’s Shadow’ by including Tonra and referencing the mission he and Sabé were sent on by Padmé to find Shmi Skywalker, it’s little connections like that that make me appreciate the Story Group even more.

Of course, the writing and the art are brilliant, I think I can say I loved every frame and found it hard to pick one part to showcase in this post, Pak and Ienco are absolutely killing it with this run so far and long may it continue.

An amazing addition to an already amazing series. The canon connections are a treat and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next in a month’s time (of course Vader survives but what about everyone else?).

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