Doctor Aphra: Fortune and Fate Part 2 – Haunted

The new adventures of everyone’s favourite rogue archeologist continue after over two months since the first issue of this new series came out, Aphra and her new crew are back and are on the hunt for The Lost City of Vaale, and a collection of rings that contain miraculous powers.

You could easily call the past week ‘Aphra Week’, with this comic coming out and the new ‘Doctor Aphra’ Audio Drama, the character couldn’t be more in the spotlight (unless we get an announcement about an ‘Aphra’ Disney+ series) and it’s well deserved.

The issue focus’ on Aphra and her team arriving at the Lost City of Vaale, where the spoils of their mission await them, but all is not as it seems when strange things start to happen. The buildings are made out of petrified corpses, one of the team sees the bodies moving (creepy), another hears an awful sound (strange) and as they reach a large door, behind which is a workshop where the Rings of Vaale may be hidden, a strange corpse like creature tells them to leave whilst they can. But as the team are trying to find a way through the door, the floor crumbles, creating a sinkhole and half of e team fall in whilst the ones still standing are ambushed by Roman Tagge’s thugs.

Now, granted I have only read Volumes 1 – 4 of the first ‘Doctor Aphra’ series and this may change as I make my way through the remaining stories in that series, but this new series feels a lot more like Indiana Jones, with the great mixture of adventure and horror (yeah, we’re getting a horror story) and it feels fun. The rogue archaeologist aspect is played up more here (as far as I can tell) and a quick flashback shows us that Aphra and Eustacia had a romantic connection during their time in the Archaeology School, which of course means that Eustacia got hurt by Aphra which has resulted in some less than pleasant feelings on the Professors part.

I am thoroughly impressed with the direction this series is causing, the horror aspect is something we haven’t had in the Marvel series’ without the ‘Doctor Aphra’/’Star Wars’ crossover where Luke and Aphra get caught up in a gothic horror tale.

The creative team are onto a winner here without a doubt, the characters are enjoyable and the art looks great, the creepy factor is on great display here in this issue without being over the top and overall the issue is great fun to read and what’s even better, we only have a month to wait for the next issue!

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