The Calrissian Chronicles – Lando on Disney+

According to Corey and Noah from KESSEL RUN TRANSMISSIONS, the bigwigs at Disney and Lucasfilm are developing a new series that focus’ on Lando Calrissian and will be played by…

Donald Glover AND Billy Dee Williams!!!

This isn’t the first time that a Lando project has been rumoured. Way back in May 2018 there was a rumour that there was going to be a Lando film. Then as Disney was getting ready to launch Disney+ there was rumour of a Lando and Qi’Ra series (amidst rumours for just about any other character from the franchise getting a series), and as I feel with any rumour of this type I’ll reserve my excitement for when Lucasfilm make an official announcement.

Of course, the believability of the source is key, and so far, the guys at Kessel Run Transmissions have put out a couple of rumours in the last few months which have been quite exciting. Firstly the sequel series to ‘Rebels’ was rumoured to be in development which they broke and then the second which was recently verified and announced by Lucasfilm being the spin-off to ‘The Clone Wars’ called ‘The Bad Batch’, so they are seemingly reliable on the rumour front.

Of course, now is the time for us to start gearing up for some announcements as we are fast approaching the weekend we were meant to get ‘Star Wars Celebration’ before it was postponed by COVID-19, and I wonder if Lucasfilm will be putting out announcements over the next few weeks to cash-in on the original time-slot for the convention (and hopefully some trailers for upcoming projects).

In terms of the ‘Lando’ series, it could have vast potential, especially if both Glover and Williams are playing the character, we could be in for a whole range of stories about the character. I’m hoping we get L3-3T in the younger Lando stories in his pre-Solo days and even some adventures after the events of that film. In the older Lando tales, I wonder if they will include Jannah as they search for answers about her identity, and if they will be helping any more of the deserters in her group of ex-Stormtroopers.

I do hope that this is announced officially in the coming weeks as it has great potential and, I think would be great to see on Disney+, and maybe, just maybe, it could pave the way for a return of Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo and a sequel series to ‘Solo’.

Come on, a guy can hope.

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