#CollectionCorner – The Clone Wars Season 7 Black Series Figures

Hasbro recently announced, via IO9 a new batch of ‘Black Series’ figures, all of which are based on characters from ‘The Clone Wars’ Season 7 story arc, ‘The Siege of Mandalore’, and as this is the first announcement of new figures since I started collecting them, I’m pretty excited, and I can safely say that I will be adding a couple to my wish-list.

First up is the Ahsoka Tano figure, wearing her Mandalorian inspired outfit and wielding the two blue lightsabers given to her by Anakin. The figure captures her character perfectly, this isn’t the younger Ahsoka we saw in Season 5 of ‘Clone Wars’ or from ‘Rebels’, this version is completely new and it looks great.

Next up is a 332nd Clone Trooper with Ahsoka decals on the helmet. I’m not a big fan of buying helmeted characters much (it’s why I only have one helmeted Kylo Ren and of course I have the Mandalorian, I’m not an animal) so I’ve not got a lot of interest in collecting the different troopers, but I have to make an exception here because I have loved the design of these guys ever since the first art was released back at Celebration London in 2016. The overall design looks great and the weathered paint on the armour looks lovely. Add another to the wish-list.

The Loyalist Mandalorian is up next. A member of Bo Katan’s forces, this one to me is one I’ll stay away from. Honestly it looks like a repainted Jango Fett (which was recently released) with a pair of different blasters. Now, we’re this a Bo Katan figure my opinion would be vastly different but I’m really not after having Background Mandalorian #5 on my wall.

And talking of paint jobs, the Mandalorian Super Commando looks to be another repaint with some added horns on the helmet. Again, this could have been a named character, I’m sure the fans would go nuts over a Gar Saxon figure at this point.

As with any wave of toys, be it Black Series or Lego, there are hits and misses and this wave is half and half for me. However, I love the box art, like the upcoming wave featuring the Ghost Crew, the art is phenomenal, the design is great and they will look damned fine on my wall.

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