The High Republic – Some Thoughts

As fans, when we get new content we inevitably have tonnes of questions on how the new stuff relates to the old stuff and relish the various connections and Easter Eggs, it’s part of the territory.

So when we got the ‘High Republic’ announcement and teases, set 200 years before the Skywalker Saga. A period of expansion. Exploring the Outer Rim. All these things that we had assumed, probably because of things like ‘The Old Republic’ which, before the EU became Legends, detailed the history of the Galaxy around 4000 years prior to ‘The Phantom Menace’ where there was already Hyperspace technology and the Galaxy seemed to be well explored.

Well of course, I have had some through a on this, and with the release of the first chapter I thought I’d put them down onto digital paper and see what you lovely folks think too.

Why Only 200 Years?

We already know that, by the time of The Prequel Trilogy, the Republic has been the central power of the Galaxy for a thousand years, roughly the same amount of time that the Sith were believed to be extinct.

But given the added history we have heard about, the Jedi/Mandalorian war being one that is believed to have happened before that, means that given the time of the High Republic is a time of expansion, that the Galaxy must be pretty small in comparison to what we have been used to.

Why is this expansion only happening at this time? Or do they mean an expansion of the Senate?

Is the Galaxy in fact already mapped out but the Outer Rim worlds have yet to join with the Senate? Are the peace keeping Jedi posted to make sure that any unscrupulous characters from the Outer Rim stay away from the Galactic Core?

The first excerpt talks about the ship, Legacy’s Run taking settlers to the Outer Rim to carve new lives for themselves, are we looking at a Galactic scale gold rush? Have the Outer Rim worlds already been settled by those looking for a new life?

Also, the hyperspace lanes in the area are relatively new, but are they only new to the citizens of the Republic?


The excerpt makes the notion of hyperspace travel seem perilous, when we have seen it so many times on TV and Film that it really looks like a walk in the park, get the co-ordinates from the Navi-Computer, lock on and off you go and the travel time doesn’t seem to last very long, or really just at the speed-of-plot.

But why is it that only 200 years prior the whole thing comes across as a terrifying venture? Could it be because of the location and the pilots of these ships struggle to navigate them.

Also the technology seems dated (which is good) and so perhaps because of this, we get the explanation of the inherent dangers of travelling through Hyperspace. Perhaps the trips take longer because of the tech, but that may be the norm for the High Republic citizens.

The Jedi Order

We don’t know a lot about the state of the Jedi Order during the High Republic, other than Jedi Knights patrolled the borders of the Galaxy, keeping the inner regions safe from those unscrupulous types from the Outer Rim.

They have a very different look to the Jedi we know from the Skywalker Saga, and from what we learned in Charles Soule’s interview with IGN that Jedi are stationed on various outposts and work independently from the Jedi Council on Coruscant. Part of me is wondering if this will lead to some problems along the way which would end with the Council consolidating its power and starting a new era for the Jedi Order which we see in the Prequel Era.

These are just some of the thoughts that I have had, but the ones that seem to be being asked on various podcasts I have listened to since the excerpt was released, and I’m sure as we get more information more questions will be asked.

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